How Have Enbridge Energy Partners’ Price Targets Changed?



Price targets for EEP

Of the analysts surveyed by Reuters, 60% have recommended a “hold” for Enbridge Energy Partners (EEP), whereas 30% have recommended a “buy,” and the remaining 10% have suggested a “sell” for the stock.

The median target price for EEP is $22. EEP is currently trading at $18.28. If EEP attains its target price, it would mean a 20% price return for investors.

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EEP’s price target lowered

The above chart shows the analyst recommendations for EEP. After EEP’s lower 2017 guidance announcement, Ladenburg Thalmann cut EEP’s target price from $27 to $23. UBS cut its target price to $23 from $28, and Mizuho cut EEP’s target price to $22 and then downgraded it to “neutral” from “buy.” RBC cut EEP’s target price to $21 from $24.

As for other midstream companies, 63% of the analysts have recommended a “buy” for Sunoco Logistics Partners (SXL), while 33% have recommended a “buy” for Williams Partners (WPZ). About 93% of the analysts surveyed rated Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) as a “buy.”

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