Which MLP Stocks Were the Biggest Losers of 2016?



Top MLP losers of 2016

Memorial Production Partners (MEMP), an upstream MLP, was the top MLP loser in 2016. MEMP has been battling weak liquidity and a poor balance sheet position for quite some time. The partnership is set to announce bankruptcy very soon.

For more details, please read Memorial Production Partners to File Bankruptcy: Key Highlights. Vanguard Natural Resources (VNR) is another upstream MLP among the top losers.

Calumet Specialty Products Partners (CLMT), a refining MLP, was the second-biggest loser of 2016. Refining MLPs, which benefited from lower crude oil prices and were among the top performers in 2015, were among the worst-performing MLP subgroups in 2016.

Refining MLPs were negatively impacted by the recovery in crude oil prices and lower refined product demand in 2016. Alon USA Partners (ALDW), a Texas-based refiner, was also among the worst-performing MLPs.

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