What Are Jeffrey Gundlach’s Views on Gold and the US Dollar?



Gundlach identified the economy’s turning points

In his latest webcast, “Turning Points,” bond king Jeffrey Gundlach shared his views on the bond market and where it’s heading. He also shed light on certain turning points on the economic front that seem to hint at a recession. He presented charts to support his views as well, which we have discussed throughout this series.

gold and dollar

Gundlach also had something to say about assets other than bonds and stocks like gold (GLD) and the US dollar (UUP).

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Gundlach on gold

Gundlach is bullish on gold. He did contemplate shorting certain gold miners (GDX) though. He said during his webcast that he continues to hold gold for now.

Gundlach on the US dollar

According to Gundlach, the US dollar could start to fall. Gundlach believes that increasing rates don’t necessarily correlate with a strengthening dollar as popular opinion may lead investors to believe. Gundlach cited a recent instance in support of his belief. Interestingly, the US dollar fell 7% when the Fed raised rates in December 2015.

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