AT&T and T-Mobile Network Performance versus Their Peers



RootMetrics network performance results in 1H16

So far in this series, we’ve discussed the network performances of wireless players like Verizon (VZ) and Sprint (S). Now let’s take a look at how AT&T (T) and T-Mobile (TMUS) network performed in the 1H16 RootScore Report.

According to the 1H16 RootScore Report, Verizon ranked first across all six network performance categories—overall performance, network reliability, speed, data, call performance, and text performance. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile came in second, third, and fourth place, respectively, in overall network performance.

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AT&T and T-Mobile network performance

Based on the 1H16 RootScore report, in the overall network performance category, AT&T scored outright wins in two states. AT&T also tied with Verizon and T-Mobile in six states. However, T-Mobile did not manage to score any outright wins and just managed a tie in one state.

Verizon managed to score outright wins in 41 states and tied with AT&T and T-Mobile in seven states. Sprint did not even tie for the top spot in any state.

At the national level, AT&T came in second in five out of six categories—overall performance, network reliability, speed, data, and text performance. In call performance, Sprint beat AT&T, which finished second. T-Mobile’s network narrowly trailed AT&T for third place in the data and network speed categories.

AT&T recorded a decrease in won or shared state-level awards from 110 to 82 during the first half of 2016 when compared to the second half of 2015. This decrease in awards occurred in the network reliability, call performance, and text performance categories.

AT&T’s count of state-level awards trailed that of only Verizon, which won or shared 274 awards. However, AT&T’s medal count was far higher than the number of state-level awards won or shared by Sprint and T-Mobile. T-Mobile also narrowed the gap with AT&T considerably.


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