How Hybrid Cloud Fared against Public and Private Clouds in 2015

IBM continued to lead the hybrid cloud space in 2015

Previously in the series, we discussed IBM’s (IBM) recent acquisition of Gravitant in late 2014. This acquisition was intended to boost IBM’s position in the hybrid cloud space where the latter enjoys a leadership position. According to Synergy Research’s recent report and as the below chart shows, IBM continued to be a top performer in the hybrid cloud space while Amazon (AMZN) ruled the overall cloud as well as the private cloud space.

In 2016, Amazon announced that its AWS (Amazon Web Services) will open a new cloud region in Korea (EWY). Amazon went on with its price cut strategy in 2016 and revealed further price cuts to its EC2 (elastic cloud) service.

How Hybrid Cloud Fared against Public and Private Clouds in 2015
Hybrid and private cloud registered 45% growth as compared to 51% growth in public cloud space

A Synergy Research report further stated, “Across a range of cloud market segments, 2015 growth rates averaged 28 percent and annual revenues passed the $110 billion milestone.” Though private and hybrid cloud infrastructure services grew at a rate of 45%, they were a little behind the public IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-space) and PaaS (platform-as-a-service) market space, which grew by 51%.

In the SaaS space, Salesforce (CRM) continued to face an increased threat from Microsoft (MSFT) as the above chart shows. The report also stated that all segments in the cloud grew at least 16%.