E-Commerce Shoppers Prefer Mobile over Computers



Consumer transition to mobile shopping

Online shoppers are spending more time on mobile apps (applications) than laptops or desktop computers. Around 70% of Amazon shoppers used mobile devices to browse for products and make transactions. Customers shopping by mobile devices increased 60% compared to the 2014 holiday season. The number of shoppers using the Amazon (AMZN) app doubled over the 2015 holiday season compared to 2014.

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Leveraging social media

In October 2015, Google (GOOG) reported that more than half of its 100 billion monthly searches came from mobile devices. The company is in the process of customizing its mobile search by adding a new feature that allows Web pages to load faster in a mobile browser. Retail giant Walmart reported that more than 70% of its shopping traffic came through mobile devices and approximately half of its orders between Thanksgiving and December 1 used mobile devices.

US consumers are getting more comfortable using mobile devices over traditional laptops or desktop computers. Consumers are shopping with the same device as the device used to bring the shoppers on board, according to eMarketer analyst Monica Peart. E-commerce vendors are now leveraging social networking sites to increase their website traffic. Social media such as Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR), Pinterest, and Instagram have introduced “Show Now” or “Buy” buttons to land users on respective e-commerce Web portals on their mobile devices.

The PowerShares NASDAQ Internet (PNQI) is a portfolio of 94 stocks. Its top four stocks are Amazon (AMZN), Alphabet (GOOG), Facebook (FB), and Netflix (NFLX), which make up 9.1%, 8.7%, 8.3%, and 7.5% of PNQI, respectively.


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