Third Platform Is Changing the IT Landscape



The third platform

The digital universe, the amount of data generated, is expected to grow from 4.4 zettabytes in 2013 to 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes, by 2020, according to an IDC (International Data Corporation) report sponsored by EMC (EMC). The digital universe is doubling every two years, creating a need for organizations to adopt high performance, scalable storage solutions. This has led to the emergence of what the IDC calls, “the era of the third platform,” which encompasses social, mobile, cloud, and big data.

The IDC predicts that 65% of a company’s IT infrastructure spending will be targeted towards third platform systems by 2016.

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Enterprises to adopt hybrid storage strategy

With more kinds of data available, critical and non-critical, enterprises are seeking more effective ways to manage this data. They are likely to adopt a hybrid storage strategy, where on-premise servers would be used to store critical data to ensure security and regulatory compliance, while cloud would be used to store non-critical data and meet sudden increases in capacity requirements.

IT spending targeted on cloud

An IDC FutureScape report estimates that most enterprise IT organizations will spend their IT budget on hybrid cloud technologies and cloud open source for the next 12 to 24 months. Organizations will shift 11% of their IT budget away from traditional on-premise IT delivery towards various cloud delivery models.

A survey by startup Tintri found that an increasing number of data center professionals are considering moving away from legacy technology vendors like EMC, NetApp (NTAP), and HP (HPQ) to emerging technology providers like Tintri, Nimble, and Pure Storage. The emerging providers supply technology that supports the third platform.

The third platform will disrupt every industry in the economy

The benefits provided by the third platform will put early adopters ahead of the competition. The IDC makes a strong prediction that enterprises adopting the third platform will disrupt one-third of the top 20 enterprises in its industry. This trend is already visible in some industries. For instance, Facebook’s (FB) Whatsapp is disrupting the telecommunications industry messaging market.

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