Apple TV’s new tvOS



The new tvOS

Apple’s (AAPL) new Apple TV operates on tvOS, which is like a toned-down version of iOS. Apple has also changed the user interface to a more user-friendly one. The earlier user interface had a home screen where the users selected a streaming service and could access the streaming service library one at a time.

The new tvOS allows a user to search for movies and TV shows across all streaming services on Apple TV and also displays information about a specific movie or TV show.

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Drawback of the tvOS

The App Programming Guide for tvOS specifies that “There is no persistent local storage for apps on Apple TV. This means that every app developed for the new Apple TV must be able to store data in iCloud and retrieve it in a way that provides a great customer experience.”

It means that every time a user uses an app on the Apple TV, the app has to retrieve all the information from Apple’s cloud storage system, iCloud. It could mean a slightly longer time for an app to open on the new Apple TV.

The App Programming Guide also specifies that third-party developer apps for Apple TV should not require extensive keyboard input. It is because the new Apple TV does not come with a separate keyboard hardware.

Another drawback is that Apple has specified in its App Programming Guide that a separate game controller for a game on Apple TV must support the Apple TV remote, too. It could be a problem for developers creating games for Apple TV. It is because the remote has a touch sensor and can be used for gaming when tilted horizontally but has limited capabilities for motion-intensive or complex games.

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