Microsoft Reveals the Availability and Price of Surface Hub



Microsoft details the launch and pricing of Surface Hub

According to a June 10, 2015, Wall Street Journal article, Microsoft (MSFT) revealed the expected price and launch timing of the Surface Hub. Microsoft announced its advanced audiovisual system, called Surface Hub, during the Windows 10 release event held in January 2015. Surface Hub will offer two versions:

  • A 55-inch model, priced at $6,999, intended for small conference rooms
  • An 84-inch model, priced at $19,999, intended for large corporate conference rooms

Enterprises can order Surface Hub beginning on July 1. Available globally in 24 selected markets, Surface Hub deliveries will start in September 2015. For more detail, please refer to What Surface Hub Does for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Users.

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Surface Hub specifications

In its Microsoft Windows 10 release, Microsoft announced that Surface Hub would be an 84-inch, 4K display, big-screen Windows 10 computer, as the above graphic shows. Aimed at enterprise users, it can be mounted on the wall and used as a visualization tool. It is specifically designed to make meetings and brainstorming sessions more productive.

Through Surface Hub, Microsoft has taken its latest steps in high-tech hardware, after launching its Surface tablet in 2012. Smartphone players like Google (GOOGL) and Apple (AAPL) manufacture their hardware in-house. The Windows Phone allowed Microsoft to be part of this league of players, which instigated its 2013 acquisition of Nokia and access to Nokia’s hardware business.

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