Behind Comcast's Strategy for Long-Term Growth

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Why Comcast Is Expanding Its Xfinity TV Partner App

Features of Xfinity TV Partner app

Leading media and cable operator Comcast (CMCSA) is driving its Xfinity TV app by teaming up with leading TV manufacturers. Recently, the company joined forces with Sony (SNE) to offer Xfinity TV app on Sony’s Android TV.

Starting in 2018, the Xfinity TV users can watch live and on-demand content on Sony’s 4K HDR Android TV. The app will also support DVR recordings, thereby allowing binge watching.

Why Comcast Is Expanding Its Xfinity TV Partner App

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The Xfinity TV Partner Program supports open standard HTML5 technology, offering a common platform for smart TV and IP-based devices. The app also allows users to sideline the need for set-top boxes, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses for customers.

Mitigating subscriber losses

Such a move could help the company not only boost its service offerings but also drive video revenues. It could also help the company avoid subscriber losses. In 3Q17, the company lost 125,000 video subscribers.

The availability of low-cost video streaming companies like Netflix (NFLX) and Amazon Prime videos (AMZN) are continuously putting pressure on Comcast’s subscriber growth. LG recently teamed up with Comcast to offer streaming facilities to its customers on its new smart TV, starting next year. In 2016, Comcast started offering its Xfinity TV Partner app on Roku (ROKU) and Samsung devices.

This continuous enhancement of product features, coupled with a new service launch, could help Comcast avoid subscriber losses going forward.


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