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Behind GoPro’s Romania Expansion

Team made remarkable contributions to new products

US-based (SPY) action camera maker GoPro (GPRO) announced that it will be expanding its software engineering team in Bucharest, Romania. But why is the company expanding its Bucharest team now?

The expansion of the Bucharest software engineering team is tied to the fact that software has continued to be an important piece of GoPro’s business. As the company strives to produce outstanding products to gain an edge in the competitive camera market, it views software as integral to its ecosystem.

Behind GoPro’s Romania Expansion

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GoPro has noted that the Bucharest team made a remarkable contribution to its new Hero6 and Fusion 360 cameras, as well as to its video editing feature, QuikStories.

Building on the team’s efficiency

The move now to expand the Bucharest office shows that GoPro has been impressed with the efficiency and execution that the team has demonstrated—and that it wants to build on that performance. As part of the Bucharest engineering team expansion, GoPro is relocating the team to a larger office space in Bucharest, likely because it also hopes this will help it attract more talent.

Expanding overseas business

The expansion of the Bucharest team could also fit in GoPro’s efforts to accelerate the growth of its overseas business. The company generates over 50% of its revenues outside the US, and it has recently reported strong demand for its products in markets like Japan (EWJ) and China (MCHI).

In the region that includes Europe (EFA), where Romania is, GoPro’s revenues grew 26% YoY (year-over-year) in 3Q17, compared with its 20% growth in the Americas, the region that includes the US and Canada.


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