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Google cloud

Google Cloud Puts Amazon and Microsoft on Notice

Google wants to close the gap with Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud computing market. The company announced plans to invest $10 billion this year.
Apple stock

Apple Stock Falls, More Bad News for Investors

Apple stock has fallen by more than 10% since the company issued a revenue warning. The coronavirus outbreak has impacted Apple’s business.
Disney stock

Why Disney Stock Fell after CEO Bob Iger Stepped Down

Walt Disney stock fell by nearly 4.0% on Tuesday. The company announced that longtime CEO Bob Iger stepped down. The news was a big surprise.
Facebook Sanzaru

Facebook Buys Sanzaru Games, Expands Oculus Unit

Facebook bought virtual reality games developer Sanzaru Games. Notably, Sanzaru will join Facebook’s Oculus unit and work on content production.
Huawei Google

Huawei and Google Rivalry Spills into $23 Billion Device Market

The Trump administration blacklisted Huawei, which sparked a Huawei and Google rivalry. Notably, the rivalry seems to be intensifying by the day.
Amazon coronavirus

Amazon Has a Big Headache Due to the Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak in China has created a big problem for Amazon. The outbreak threatens the company's retail business—its largest operation.
ViacomCBS stock

Why Has ViacomCBS Stock Fallen 36% in 2020?

ViacomCBS investors have been disappointed. So far, the stock has fallen 36% YTD. However, ViacomCBS isn't the only media company with struggling stock.
eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds: 3 Must-Knows This Week

eBay has been operating three main business units—Marketplace, Classifieds, and StubHub. However, the company is undertaking a portfolio review.
Google Cornerstone

Google Adds Cornerstone to Its Growing Cloud Unit

Google has acquired Cornerstone. The company continues to purchase cloud computing technology providers. Recently, the company acquired Looker.