How Twitter Is Increasing Its Ad Revenues



Twitter is increasing its ad portfolio through sponsored moments

Twitter (TWTR) is likely to see more ad revenues. The social media company is selling a new type of ad. The company announced on Friday, January 26, that it is offering businesses to sponsor moments.

A sponsored moment is a feature like Stories, which is a collection of tweets from publishers that also includes photos and videos about an event or theme.

Publishers will now likely gain from Sponsored Moments because they can now monetize all forms of content produced on Twitter, including tweets, images, videos, and GIFs (graphic interface formats). Bank of America (BAC), for example, sponsored Bloomberg’s tweets about Davos.

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Twitter’s shares are on the rise again

Sponsored revenues will be another source of ad revenues for the company. Twitter’s shares rose 3.8% on Monday, January 29. The company’s shares, which have tanked since the company went public a few years back, have risen ~50% in the past six months.

The move comes at a time when Twitter is trying to improve its content offering for users and brands. Late last year, the company made over 35 content partnerships for the Asia-Pacific region.

Twitter has also struck a partnership with Bloomberg Media to create the first-ever 24/7 global news network.

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