Don't Throw Away Those LEGO Boxes, They May Be Worth Something

The boxes of popular, rare, and vintage LEGO sets may be valuable. Before you throw them away, find out if the LEGO boxes are worth anything.

Danielle Letenyei - Author

May 9 2023, Updated 10:37 p.m. ET

Store display of LEGO Star Wars sets
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Your kids loved playing with LEGOs when they were younger, but now that they’ve gone off to college, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all those LEGO sets that may be missing pieces and have been sitting on the shelf for years. Don’t throw them out just yet.

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You may actually be sitting on a goldmine or at least some extra money if you sell them. Keep reading to find out if LEGO boxes are worth anything. We've got all the details.

Are LEGO boxes worth anything?

Many adults collect LEGO sets and will pay good money for certain boxes. Even an empty LEGO box that used to hold all the necessary parts to build a Star Wars ship or Black Knights castle may be worth something.

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eBay listing for a LEGO box.
Source: eBay

The website currently has over 7,500 original LEGO boxes for sale. On eBay, someone is selling just the box for a LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, The Razor Crest, for almost $129.

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Buyers may be looking to replace the LEGO box for a set where the box was lost or destroyed. Regardless of the reasons why, you could make some decent money selling LEGO boxes you have around your house.

What factors impact the value of LEGO boxes?

How much you can make selling your LEGO boxes depends on certain factors. Factors that impact the potential value of your LEGO box include:

  • The popularity of the LEGO set the box was for

  • How old the LEGO box is

  • How rare the LEGO box set is

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A simple Google search of “most valuable LEGO sets” can provide information on which sets are bringing in top dollars. Chances are, if the LEGO set is valuable, so is the box.

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A pile of random LEGOs
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The website Work+Money lists 40 of the most valuable LEGO sets ever sold, many of which are related to the Star Wars franchise. The top 10 most valuable LEGO sets, according to Work+Money, are:

  1. LEGO Moulding Machines (#4000001)

  2. Monorail Airport Shuttle (#6399)

  3. Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon (#10179)

  4. Grand Carousel (#10196)

  5. Statue of Liberty (#3450)

  6. Black Seas Barracuda (#6285)

  7. Star Wars Death Star II (#10143)

  8. Maersk Line Container Ship (#1650)

  9. Taj Mahal (#10189)

  10. Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set (#852293)

How can I identify valuable LEGO boxes?

The best way to determine the value of a LEGO box you have is by searching sites like eBay and to see what other sellers are pricing their boxes at. Don’t just look at the current listings for sale, but also check the sale prices on recently sold items.

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LEGO sets on a shelf at a store
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Where can I sell my LEGO boxes?

You can sell your LEGO boxes on LEGO-specific marketplaces like or other sites like eBay, Mercari, or Facebook Marketplace.

Or you can sell them to retailers that will buy the boxes from you and then resell them, matching them with the LEGO set that the box was intended for. is an online retailer of used and out-of-production LEGO sets that may be interested in buying your LEGO boxes.

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