Why TikTok Went the YouTube Way and Embraced the Long Videos Trend

Why TikTok Went the YouTube Way and Embraced the Long Videos Trend
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We have all seen trends of social media apps copying each other chiefly due to the high competition. Instagram launching stories and YouTube introducing shorts were all done as the short video model was on the rise. When applications were experimenting with their story and short video feature, TikTok was happy but now it wants to pursue the long video trend. According to reports, TikTok came to know that over 50% of its users are engaged in videos that are more than one minute long, thereby, multiplying the viewership of the influencers and the platform by five times. The platform wants to experiment with the long video trend and see how it goes. People are referring to TikTok as the new YouTube. 

TikTok is looking to switch back to old school i.e the long videos that would interest the creators too!|Pexels
TikTok is looking to switch back to old school (representative image) | Pexels

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TikTok is looking to make a few changes, but why? In the beginning, creators had the leverage to make 15-second videos, which then increased to 60 seconds and then three minutes. In 2022, TikTok increased its time limit to 10 minutes, and based on the new survey results, it is planning to increase it to 15 minutes, but it is in the testing phase and has not yet been confirmed. With YouTube being its contender, TikTok wants to ensure that its users are happy and do not switch to any other app and therefore, experimenting the horizontal video viewing. 

TikTok's latest move is to increase the video time frame and also change video viewing layout|Pexels
TikTok's latest move is to increase the video time frame (representative image) | Pexels

In October 2023, TikTok organized a private event and invited content creators in huge numbers in New York. The basic agenda was to promote this huge change on TikTok and inform the creators about how they could benefit from the changes. The TikTok executives were seen explaining to the creators through the metrics and trends that long-form videos can increase engagement and also help them earn five times more. TikTok also ensured the creators that they would be providing them with all the necessary resources to make this huge announcement to their respective audiences.

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There was a time when reels, shorts, and small videos were a sensation on social media. But what has created the emergence and rise of long-form videos? Long videos have a time frame of 15-20 minutes and those can fall into any category—technology, fashion, electronics, comedy, etc. In the early days, customers used to rely on the market for products, reviews, and unboxing. The emergence of social media has made everything possible online. Creators come up with long videos on unboxing, DIYs, investments, and generic advice that stretch up to 15 minutes, and the user is ready to watch them. Some watch them to escape everyday monotony and to de-stress themselves with ASMR and other contextual videos. 

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Users demand is platform's command. The trend is always set by its user, its just the creators who fulfill them with ample resources|Pexels
Users' demand is the platform's command (representative image) | Pexels

The other main reason for the popularity of long videos is the viewers' appetite to learn something new. A trend has started on YouTube where people watch even 25-minute-long videos to learn about varied topics. People are even learning the stock market and investment tactics online. Other trends that have attracted users' attention are vlogging, commentary, tutorials, and challenges. Users on Instagram and YouTube are so invested in watching other people's lives that they do not realize how much money and engagement they are giving to the platform and the creator. Social media users will no doubt be entertained with the new trends and initiatives


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