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Top 5 Must-Visit Areas On The 'Icon of the Seas', The World's Largest Cruise Ship

The 250,800-ton ship can accommodate 7,600 passengers at once
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Royal Caribbean Blog
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Royal Caribbean Blog

Top 5 Areas On the "Icon of the Seas" Cruise Ship

Icon of the Seas | YouTube |
Image Source: Icon of the Seas | YouTube | Royal Caribbean Blogs

The Icon of the Seas, the world's largest Cruise ship, has joined the Royal Caribbean fleet. The makers of the ship released their first-ever detailed tour of the ship, and it is the perfect concoction of "thrill and chill." The 250,800-ton ship can accommodate 7,600 passengers at once and is nothing short of a spectacle. Here are the top 5 areas on the ship that you must visit:

1. Chill Island

Chill Island | YouTube | Royal Caribbean
Image Source: Chill Island | YouTube | Royal Caribbean Blogs

This designated area, known as the pool deck, is designed to offer guests a relaxing and laidback atmosphere. Featuring numerous pools, including the Royal Bay Pool, Chill Island provides various opportunities for guests to unwind while enjoying panoramic ocean views spanning three different decks. Besides the pools, hot tubs are present in most areas. Moreover, the place boasts amenities like bars, a Salsa station, a Taco station, burrito stalls, and comfortable seating options. 

2. Thrill Island

Thrill Island | Royal Caribbean
Image Source: Thrill Island | Royal Caribbean Blogs

The cruise ship features an expansive water park known as Thrill Island. What sets this place apart is that all rides and activities are included in the price of admission, ensuring unlimited enjoyment for passengers. Among the highlights are drop slides that plunge riders directly into the sea, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience. Furthermore, guests can experience the thrill of the first-of-its-kind suspended family wrap slide at sea. Individuals can also test their skills on surf simulators, providing an opportunity to ride the waves in a simulated ocean setting. For those interested in learning the art of surfing, lessons are available for an additional fee. You can also play dodgeball, volleyball, and more in this area.

3. The Hideway

The Hideaway | YouTube |
Image Source: The Hideaway | YouTube | Royal Caribbean Blogs

This exclusive adult-only area offers a secluded retreat with stunning views. It boasts the title of being the first-ever suspended pool at sea, providing guests with a unique and memorable experience. Moreover, this area can be accessed without any additional cost. Guests can enjoy the convenience of a well-appointed bar and ample seating. Adjacent hot tubs offer an additional opportunity to unwind while enjoying panoramic ocean views. The Hideaway provides the perfect setting to enjoy a leisurely time onboard. 

4. Surfside

Surfside | YouTube
Image Source: Surfside | YouTube | Royal Caribbean Blogs

Designed specifically for families with children aged six and under, this area features a variety of entertainment options, including a splash area and a bar that serves mocktails for kids and cocktails for adults. The stores, on the other hand, provide a delightful shopping experience. With countless activities available for kids, families will find no shortage of fun-filled options to enjoy together.

5. Central Park

Central Park | YouTube |
Image Source: Central Park | YouTube | Royal Caribbean Blogs

Nestled in the heart of the ship, this area is a lush oasis adorned with trees, shrubs, plants, small bushes, and flowers, all of which are real. It's worth noting that this ship is recognized as the greenest in the Royal Caribbean fleet, underscoring its commitment to sustainability. Beyond its natural beauty, the area offers several dining and entertainment options. Guests can indulge in a fine dining experience at the renowned Chops Grille steakhouse or opt for a casual grab-and-go meal at Izumi in the Park, a Japanese eatery offering sushi and other delectable treats. Additionally, guests can savor handcrafted cocktails at the Trellis Bar, completing the perfect escape in this idyllic cruise.