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Crypto Scammers Target Late Actor Matthew Perry’s X Account; Here’s His Foundation’s Response

The Matthew Perry Foundation promptly countered the scam, warning against fraudulent posts and reinforcing the legitimacy of their official website.
Cover Image Source: Matthew Perry's Foundation troubled with scammers hacking their X for donations (representative image) | Getty Images | Photo by Kevin Winter
Cover Image Source: Matthew Perry's Foundation troubled with scammers hacking their X for donations (representative image) | Getty Images | Photo by Kevin Winter

In a concerning turn of events, scammers have successfully hacked into actor Matthew Perry's X account, employing a sneaky cryptocurrency donation scheme through a fraudulent website linked to the late actor's foundation. The Matthew Perry Foundation has swiftly responded, denouncing the scam as entirely bogus and regaining control of Perry's social media platforms, per TMZ.

Matthew Perry Foundation | X (Twitter) | @MatthewPerryFdn
Matthew Perry Foundation | X (Twitter) | @MatthewPerryFdn

Reports surfaced recently, indicating that Matthew Perry's official X page had fallen victim to hackers redirecting users to a counterfeit site, soliciting donations via cryptocurrency. The scam involved a link advertised as a means for well-intentioned donors to contribute to the Matthew Perry Foundation. However, instead of reaching the legitimate site, users were directed to a copycat platform orchestrated by the scammers. The foundation took immediate action, taking down the fraudulent post from X and reiterating that is the sole authentic website associated with their cause. They emphatically cautioned against trusting or contributing to any other platform.

Established in Matthew Perry's name, The Matthew Perry Foundation is dedicated to providing support to individuals battling addiction, a cause that held significant personal importance for the late actor. Perry envisioned a legacy where aiding others takes precedence, stating, "When I pass away, I want the first thing mentioned to be helping others." Recognizing the formidable strength needed to combat addiction, the Foundation strives to contribute collectively, one day at a time, towards overcoming this pervasive struggle. Perry openly shared his struggles with alcohol and opioid addiction, documenting his journey towards sobriety in his 2022 memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing." 

Matthew Perry attends Build Series on March 30, 2017 in New York City | Getty Images | Photo by Mike Pont
Matthew Perry attends Build Series on March 30, 2017 in New York City | Getty Images | Photo by Mike Pont

Matthew Perry, the beloved 'Friends' star, left fans in mourning when he passed away at the age of 54. The release of his official death certificate provides insights into the circumstances surrounding his tragic demise. According to the death certificate obtained by Fox News Digital, Matthew Perry's death occurred on October 28, 2023, at 4:17 p.m. local time at his residence in Pacific Palisades, California, near Los Angeles. The actor was discovered lifeless in his hot tub on that fateful day. The coroner's autopsy attributed Perry's death to the "acute effects of ketamine," an anesthetic often used in treating depression. Drowning was listed as a secondary cause of death on the autopsy report. A private ceremony was held in Los Angeles to commemorate the actor's life, attended by Perry's family and former "Friends" co-stars, including Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Courteney Cox. The private gathering allowed them to bid farewell to their friend and colleague in a more intimate setting. The five surviving co-stars of the show paid tribute to their fallen castmate in a joint message, lamenting his death as an "unfathomable loss."

In the face of this cyber attack, The Matthew Perry Foundation has emphasized its commitment to its mission and pledged to continue its support for those grappling with addiction. The swift response to the hacking incident showcases the foundation's dedication to preserving the integrity of its initiatives and safeguarding the generosity of well-meaning donors. The Matthew Perry Foundation is aware of the hacking incident and issued a statement addressing the situation: "We have received reports of Matthew's official X page being hacked, leading users to a fraudulent site seeking donations via cryptocurrency. Kindly refrain from contributing to this site or spreading the deceptive posts on social media. The sole legitimate website associated with the foundation is, and we exclusively accept donations through this platform. Social media user @pheebsgf expressed deep sympathy stating, "God, I'm so sorry this happened. What they did was very disrespectful to Matty and his family."