What's Inside The $180,000 'Everybody Wins' Gift Bag Given To Oscar Nominees?

What's Inside The $180,000 'Everybody Wins' Gift Bag Given To Oscar Nominees?
Handout photo provided by A.M.P.A.S. of the Oscar statuettes | Getty Images | Photo by Al Seib/A.M.P.A.S.

At the 2024 Academy Awards, Universal’s “Oppenheimer” emerged as the big winner taking home seven Oscars. The Christopher Nolan-directed biopic of J. Robert Oppenheimer earned Best Actor for Cillian Murphy, Best Supporting Actor for Robert Downey Junior, Best Film Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Score, Best Director, and Best Film. Meanwhile, Disney and Searchlight’s “Poor Things” won four awards including the Best Actress Award for Emma Stone. While these stars and films won big, other nominees did not leave the show empty-handed either.

Christopher Nolan, winner of the Best Directing award and the Best Picture award for “Oppenheimer” | Getty Images | Photo by Arturo Holmes
Christopher Nolan, winner of the Best Directing award and the Best Picture award for “Oppenheimer” | Getty Images | Photo by Arturo Holmes

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For the 22nd year running, LA-based marketing company Distinctive Assets gave the “Everybody Wins” gift bags to the nominees in the Oscars’ top categories. The goodies bag, which is not affiliated with the Academy, is valued at roughly $180,000, according to CNBC Make It.


While some nominees have their bags delivered to their homes, others provide their hotel information to Distinctive Assets to have theirs waiting to travel with them after the ceremony. This year, the mega six-figure ‘Everybody Wins’ gift bag will be exclusively offered to the nominees in the acting and directing categories along with the ceremony host Jimmy Kimmel.

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As per the CNBC report, the gift bag contains over 50 gifts ranging from a $15 Rubik’s cube to an invitation to enjoy a $50,000 stay at a Swiss ski chalet, which is the priciest gift in this year’s collection.

The Swiss ski chalet invitation includes a three-night stay at Chalet Zermatt Peak, the winner of the “Best Ski Chalet” prize from the World’s Ski Awards. The recipients of the bag who redeem the $50,000 invitation will be provided private access to the entire chalet for them and up to nine guests.

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The six-floor luxury chalet boasts floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Matterhorn mountain of the Swiss Alp. It further includes amenities like a spa, an in-house massage therapist, and a celestial observatory roof.

The nominees will also get a chance to dine on multi-course dinners prepared by a gourmet chef, and access to a fully-stocked wine cellar as well as a chauffeured car service available 24 hours a day.


The second most exciting item in the gift bag is an invitation for a seven-day stay at Southern California’s ultra-luxurious Golden Door spa. The stay is valued at about $24,000 and it offers daily massages, farm-to-table meals, private hiking trails, and mindfulness and wellness classes.


The top Oscar nominees are also offered a $25,000 live show from mentalist Carl Christman.

Apart from the luxurious stays and invitations, there are a few of the dozens of exclusive items included in the gift bag as well. The bag contains a Schwank Grill, which features overhead burners that use infrared technology and heat up to 1500 degrees. The grill is estimated to be worth about $1,350.


Furthermore, there is a bag “handmade by master artisans” from Canada-based Elboque, worth about $335.

Another exciting item is a red-light sleep therapy device from Helight which helps the body with melatonin production, a hormone that regulates sleep. The device retails for about $109 to $139, according to its official website.


The gift bag also includes a $15, 50th anniversary Rubik’s Cube featuring the puzzle’s original logo and color scheme and a five-piece luxury gift set from Miage skincare which sells for $515. Furthermore, there is a mega $10,000 microneedling treatment from Cynosure which helps to tighten and revitalize skin.



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