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Deep Das Barman

Deep Das Barman

About Author

Deep is a media professional who has an immense interest in science, technology, and sports. He enjoys writing on diverse subjects and is always excited to explore new domains. He has been crafting stories in the finance beat for over 2 years. In his free time, Deep enjoys listening to music, playing his Ukelele, or going around petting dogs. He/him

Area of Interest

Deep is intrigued by how the world works and he strives to learn something new every day. Having worked in marketing, he has an interest in advertising and social media marketing. Deep also enjoys learning and playing new stringed instruments and reading about geopolitical history.


Deep has a B.A.Hons degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from The Times School of Media, Bennett University.

Previous Experiences

Deep has previously worked in digital marketing agencies like Youngun and Rockettech before starting his stint as a writer with Storytailors. At Storytailors he curated stories on business, the Indian economy, and a range of topics within the financial beat.

Here are 3 Things You Must Hate if you Seek Financial Independence, and 'Saving' is One of Them

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Tip First, Serve Later? Woman Stunned by $20-30 Pre-Service Tip Demand for $80 Massage

The customer expressed her frustration saying that it was not her job to make up for the money that the owner of the business isn’t paying the workers. 
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When Diamonds Worth $100 Million Were Stolen in This Dazzling 'Heist of the Century'

Dubbed the Antwerp Diamond Heist, the incident was recently adapted into an Amazon Prime series.
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Online Creator Proposes 70-20-10 Debt Hack for Faster Payoff: Effective or Not?

The creator shared a hack that is based on both a philosophical principle and a money rule.
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What Didn't Kill You But Ruined You Financially? 5 Tales of Fumbles and Misfortune

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How This Woman’s Random Idea of Renting Out Her 'Handy' Husband Became a Thriving Business

What started as a joke, eventually allowed the couple from the U.K. to charge £40 (~$49.93) an hour.
May 9, 2024

As Freight Company Yellow Rejects Bid to Restart, Investors Continue Efforts For Its Revival

The battle between the company and investors has a far-reaching impact with the US Treasury involved
May 7, 2024

$1 Billion in Unclaimed Tax Refunds About to Expire, Act Now to Claim Yours

The IRS says nearly 1 million people are yet to file a claim with the median refunds being $932.
May 7, 2024

Van Gogh Museum Fans Duped by Fake Website Selling Bogus Tickets, Stealing Credit Card Data

The fake website which has been taken down was offering free tickets to the Van Gogh Museum
May 7, 2024

Woman Fails To Get Hired After Over 150 Job Applications; Her Story Makes Internet Emotional

TikTok creator named Meolah (@meolah) is going viral for sharing her story.
May 7, 2024

Woman Freaks Out At Walmart As Baby Formula Price Jumps $100 in Just One Week

Some viewers in the comments claimed that there may be a shortage of baby formula.
May 7, 2024

Warren Buffet Calls AI Scams 'The Next Big Growth Industry'; Here's Why He May Be Right

Buffet said if he was interested in investing in scamming, AI Scams would be his bet.
May 6, 2024

Woman Accuses Uber Drivers of Running 'Cleaning Fee Scam'

The creator says there was no mess in the vehicle and the Uber driver had just scammed the passenger.
May 6, 2024

Woman Wins $50,000 Off Her First Lottery Ticket Purchase

Katelynne Berland was running errands when she picked up a lottery ticket from a seven eleven store
May 6, 2024

Customer Shocked After Restaurant Owner Sends 'Parking Lot Beatdown Session' Invite Over Bad Review

The customer who shared the story on TikTok said he was tricked into sharing his email.
May 6, 2024