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5 side hustles to make extra income using just your phone

A smartphone can help start side hustles or launch full-fledged online businesses
Cover image source: Unsplash | Photo by Tech Daily
Cover image source: Unsplash | Photo by Tech Daily

As the cost of living keeps climbing, it is almost necessary for Americans to pick up side hustles or online businesses to supplement their income. In today’s digital age, all that’s needed is a smartphone and internet connection to make money. A smartphone can perform a range of jobs from aiding in small income side hustles to launching full-fledged online businesses. Here are some of the most lucrative side hustles to operate from just a smartphone.

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Garrhet Sampson
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Garrhet Sampson

Taking paid online surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money from a smartphone. To make money through surveys, users need to sign up for specific platforms and create a profile by providing some personal information. Eventually, they are offered to fill out surveys that match their profile. These surveys may take as little as 10 minutes or as long as over an hour.

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Christin Hume
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Christin Hume

Several companies in cash offer rewards for providing their opinion and answering survey questions. Platforms like Branded Surveys offer reward points in exchange for opinions. Once users reach 500 points, they redeem them for gift cards or cash via PayPal or Branded Pay. Most surveys are about $1 to $3 each, as per a Fortune report.

For those who feel they have too much clutter lying around, there is a simple way to get rid of it and money at the same time. Using nothing but a smartphone, people can sign up and share pictures of their used items on marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and more. For those looking to sell specific items like clothing, platforms like Depop and Poshmark may come in very handy. While the income from this depends on the items for sale, side hustlers always have the option to get into buying and reselling as well.

Moving on to more serious business, print-on-demand services can also be set up using nothing but a smartphone. People can create designs and sell merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more.

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Doris Morgan
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Doris Morgan

For the designing part, user-friendly tools like Canva can be used. The tool has mobile functionality, thus it is possible to create designs, logos, and unique original images for free on a phone.

For the printing part, platforms like Printify can help out. The platform is a well-known drop shipping and printing company which lets users print and sell merchandise with no upfront cost. Designers can simply share the details of the products they want, and the item will be printed and then shipped by Shopify. When a customer buys from the client’s store, the platform keeps the cost and the designer keeps the profits.

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Doris Morgan
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Doris Morgan

For those who have expertise in a specific subject matter, sharing their wisdom is a great way to make some extra cash. For this, side hustlers need to first brainstorm ideas and create a curriculum using inbuilt apps like ‘notes’ on the phone.

They can then shoot lessons on the device and edit them as well using apps like Adobe Premiere Rush and LumaFusion. These tools typically aren’t free, thus some upfront investment may be required. However, there are always free video-editing tools such as iMovie.

Once everything is ready, hustlers can upload their content on platforms like Udemy (available for iOS, Android, and web) to sell their courses. However, before selling, users need to first go through the instructor identity verification process and set up a payment method. Creators also must have at least 30 minutes of video content per course and at least 5 lectures/modules. Apart from Udemy, platforms like Skillshare, Kajabi, and TrainerCentral also provide mobile capability.

Since creating and selling courses may require a lot of effort, quality control, and some money, there is another easy way to share knowledge and expertise. Side hustlers can simply take up tutoring jobs, to teach students from their phone or computer that has a webcam. Platforms like pay people to teach English online through their iOS or Android app, as per WebMonkey