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Squatters Turn Hollywood Mansion Into Rental Hub for OnlyFans Models

The incident underscores the legal complexities and loopholes that squatters exploit to occupy properties unlawfully in the US.
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Allison Dinner
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Allison Dinner

A Hollywood Hill mansion, which was listed for sale, was recently occupied by squatters, who allegedly rented the home to OnlyFan models. "We walked up the property, and the lock box was cut off. And there was a mailbox someone had ordered and put up. Like that was very weird, that was not here before," said Emily Randall Smith, a real estate agent working with the homeowners.


Upon discovering that the house was unlawfully occupied, local authorities were immediately contacted. Despite police intervention, the man inside the residence refused to vacate the premises. Consequently, the homeowners patiently awaited the house's evacuation. 

"I guess some girl opened it and she ended up being an OnlyFans model and I guess the guy who had broken into the house had started this whole business and was renting these rooms out to the girls," said Smith.

"She was renting from the guy who was like the whole ringleader of the thing," Smith told CBS. "She was hired to make content in there, so it was a little eerie and weird. Cause when we went in there ... you could tell that there was like some weird stuff going on in there."

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | John Phillips
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by John Phillips

Following the squatters' departure from the residence, the officers observed that they had fully settled in, evident by suitcases and bags scattered about. Moreover, the fridge was fully stocked, and food was cooking on the stove. However, upon closer inspection, the officers noted that the house was not in optimal condition.

"There was a lot of dog poop... the beds were all messed up, there was a lot of trash everywhere. It kind of seemed like someone was irresponsibly living there," Smith stated. "They cut all the cords to the security systems, they brought in new Wi-Fi," she added. However, no arrests have been made so far. 


California faces a significant challenge with squatting due to relatively lenient laws regarding individuals living in properties they do not own. Numerous instances have been reported where squatters have taken over vacant houses. Property owners, on the other hand, bear the responsibility of safeguarding their properties and ensuring maintenance.

According to Mitch Roschelle, the managing director of Madison Ventures+, real estate markets in many American cities may experience heightened squatting issues. This is partly attributed to laws that grant squatters rights within a short timeframe.

For instance, in New York, squatters gain rights after just 30 days, complicating landlords' efforts to evict them. Similarly, in Los Angeles, landlords often face financial burdens to remove non-paying tenants.


The squatter purportedly advertised rooms in the four-bedroom, 5,857-square-foot home for approximately $300 per night. Furthermore, celebrities like Jeff Bezos, John Legend, and LeBron James are known to reside in the vicinity, making the nature of the case even more peculiar.