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All About the Lawsuit Against a Mayor's Extravagant Lifestyle That Pushed a Town Into Debt

Democratic Mayor Tiffany Henyard faces a 'Parks & Recreation'-style fraud lawsuit.
Image Source: Brandon K. Momon Instagram
Image Source: Brandon K. Momon Instagram

People elected to positions of power are entrusted with the resources and finances belonging to the public, but these very people often turn out to be the ones who orchestrate scams and betray the trust of the people. One such fraudulent act was exposed in a town near Chicago, where a trustee named Brittney Norwood flagged the spending habits of the mayor.

Mayor's lavish lifestyle sparks controversy

Mayor Henyard has previously been criticized for her extravagant lifestyle, including a combined salary of almost $300,000 and frequent use of beauty vendors, despite the town's median income being $24,000. But more importantly, there are concerns about how she manages the town's credit card.

Critics argue that Mayor Henyard's behavior is both corrupt and amusing to the point where it might fit into the storyline of a sitcom such as "Parks and Recreation." The excessive spending has raised fears that the town of Dolton may be forced to declare bankruptcy if the financial situation is not addressed.

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Taking a stand against the mayor's extravagance

Brittney Norwood is fighting to prevent the mayor from causing harm to the town through her extravagant spending. Norwood is tasked with overseeing Dolton's finances, a challenging responsibility given the current circumstances. When she tries to ask questions, she claims that Mayor Henyard responds with verbal abuse.

Despite reaching out for a comment, Henyard has not immediately responded. Norwood shared her experience, saying, "The way she talks [to the trustees], I sometimes feel as if I'm in a mentally abusive relationship… I've learned to expect her to be disrespectful. She's like a bully."

The situation has escalated to a critical point where the town's trustees attempted to have her recalled, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Subsequently, they initiated a lawsuit to address the alleged misconduct.

Image Source: Tiffany Henyard Instagram
Image Source: Tiffany Henyard Instagram


On December 23, Dolton trustees filed a lawsuit against Henyard, accusing her of financial wrongdoing. The lawsuit asserts, "The Defendant’s actions as alleged constitute a fraud upon the residents and taxpayers of the Village." It further suggests that the extent of the financial wrongdoing may be more extensive than currently known, as Henyard allegedly concealed information from the trustees.

The lawsuit emphasizes the challenges faced by the trustees in obtaining accurate financial information, stating, "The extent to which Defendant has improperly expended Village funds is unknown due to the Defendant blocking the Plaintiff Trustees’ access to Village accounts and financial information." This legal action underscores the serious concerns about Mayor Henyard's alleged mismanagement of the town's finances.

Mayor Henyard is facing serious allegations, including issuing checks with only her signature and violating laws. Trustee Norwood claims the mayor manipulates situations, falsely suggesting opposition to essential services while overspending on things like security. This diverts police officers from their crucial duties, leaving the town in financial distress.

Image Source: Tiffany Henyard Instagram
Image Source: Tiffany Henyard Instagram

Mounting debt caused by mayor's overspending

Dolton is currently over $7 million in debt, a significant shift from financial stability just two and a half years ago. Despite warnings, Henyard continues to overspend, using credit cards for both Thorton Township and the Village of Dolton.

Norwood expressed doubts about change and highlighted the lengthy court process to address spending.