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Man Gets Fired For 'Harassment' Following His 'Braindead Boomers' Video Series

Since the termination, the creator has been sharing his followers' misery when it comes to workplace conflicts.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | pritchinit
Cover Image Source: TikTok | pritchinit

The workplace is where all generations work together and utilize their skills to get the best results. However, more often than not, different generations also have differing opinions on a lot of things. Alec Pritchard, a TikTok creator, talked about his situation when some of his coworkers despite criticizing the younger generations for their incompetence exhibited laziness and a lack of enthusiasm, themselves.

He used to talk about the "Braindead Boomers in the Office", the title of the video series, on TikTok. However, all that came to an abrupt end when his videos were brought to the company's notice, resulting in his termination. 

Image Source: TikTok | @pritchinit
Image Source: TikTok |@pritchinit

In his video, Alec alleged that many Boomers in the workplace are known to sexually assault and harm their coworkers, all without consequences, yet he is the one who got fired for harassment on his social media without mentioning the names of his coworkers or his company. 

Since the termination, the creator has been sharing his followers' misery when it comes to workplace conflicts. Almost every employee has an unfortunate, ironic, and even funny story to share about what it's like operating in an environment that welcomes people from all generations -- Gen Z, Millenials, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation. 

Renhod | TikTok
Renhod| TikTok

In one such video, Alec says, "Hey Everybody welcome back to brain-dead boomers in the office, we already know that everyone over 50 loves to call us lazy, entitled, useless." "However, anybody who's worked with the generation knows that it's the other way around," he adds announcing that he will be telling his followers stories on their behalf without naming any person, so that "you don't get fired, like I did," he says. 

"Today's story is part short, sweet, and mind-boggling, our viewers got yelled at by their boomer boss, because they couldn't FAX them an automatic notification, yeah like a push notification on your phone, they got yelled at because they could not FAX a push notification."

A Gremlin with art | TikTok
A Gremlin with art| TikTok

"I honestly didn't know that fax machine still existed,"  he added giving a very disappointed look.

"I figured this guy would be just as well off asking for a telegram at 10:18 am," he concludes. 

Many in the comment section seemed to be taken aback by the fact that Alec wondered if fax machines still existed. One user, DenverGeek79, writes, "Don’t know fax machines still existed” I work in healthcare…lemme just tell you that faxing is still the “standard” and is the bane of my existence," while another user @martyfreeze writes, "can't remember exactly why but fax machines are still in use mainly for lawyers and doctors for some kind of legal reason.

While boomers are annoyed with Gen Z, there's also chatter surrounding some of boomers' habits in the workplace. According to a report by Fox Business, the younger generation complained about Boomers using outdated language, as well as wasting paper. Gen Zers and Millenials also saw the older generations were the ones who were actively playing a role in pushing work from office mandates. 

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