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Chore Sharing Sparks Heated Debate: To Outsource or Not?

Internet users are divided on whether it's a fair approach or a sign of relationship issues.
Cover Image Source: Reddit logo | Getty Images | Photo by Mario Tama
Cover Image Source: Reddit logo | Getty Images | Photo by Mario Tama

In a recent post on the popular advice subreddit "Am I The A**hole" (AITA), a Reddit user stirred up a debate by seeking opinions on whether they were wrong for outsourcing their half of the household chores to a professional cleaner. The post has since been deleted, but its impact lingers as the internet community remains divided on the matter.

Dutch silver coins are arranged around an app icon of Reddit | Getty Images | Photo by Yuriko Nakao
Image Source: Reddit icon | Getty Images | Photo by Yuriko Nakao

The unidentified Reddit user presented their dilemma, explaining that despite paying 3/4 of the rent, they agreed to split the household chores equally with their girlfriend when she moved in six months ago. However, conflicts arose due to differing cleanliness standards, with the girlfriend displaying tendencies bordering on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Facing constant dissatisfaction with their cleaning efforts, the Reddit user decided to hire a professional cleaner to handle their assigned chores, including cleaning the bathroom, living room, kitchen, windows, and doing laundry. They clarified that they still undertook other tasks like taking out the trash and cleaning dishes if the professional cleaner's services were not scheduled within the next three days.

Reddit | r/AmItheAsshole
Reddit | r/AmItheAsshole

The turning point came when the user's girlfriend objected to this outsourcing arrangement, contending that it was unfair. She argued that while she invested her free time in cleaning and maintaining their living space, the user simply played computer games. The user defended their position, emphasizing that each person should be responsible for their agreed-upon share of chores, and in this case, they had delegated their workload to a professional cleaner.

Pexels | Photo by Git Stephen Gitau
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Git Stephen Gitau

Responses to the Reddit post were varied, with a poll indicating that the user was not considered the "A**hole" (NTA) in AITA parlance. Supporters argued that as long as the house was being cleaned to the desired standard and no additional burden was placed on the girlfriend, it was a pragmatic solution. However, critics raised concerns about the impact on the relationship, questioning the long-term viability of such an arrangement.

Some comments suggested that the user's decision implied a financial superiority that exempted them from domestic responsibilities. Critics expressed skepticism about the sustainability of a relationship built on such premises, emphasizing the need for effective communication and mutual effort.

The debate expanded beyond the immediate question of outsourcing chores to reflect on the overall health of the relationship. Questions were raised about the couple's future and the potential strain caused by unresolved issues. Furthermore, concerns were voiced about the lack of shared responsibility and the need for both partners to contribute to a harmonious living arrangement.

Reddit | r/AmItheAsshole
Reddit | r/AmItheAsshole

One user shared their viewpoint on the situation, asserting that the original poster (OP) was "Not The A**hole" (NTA). They highlighted that the OP was indeed helping by paying someone to complete 50% of the chores to a higher standard. Another user pointed out that the real issue seemed to be the girlfriend's jealousy because she couldn't offload her chores to a professional.

Expressing concerns over the relationship dynamics, someone else questioned the end goal and future trajectory of the couple. They pointed out that the current situation seems to be leading toward a breakup and emphasized the need for improved communication if the partners are genuinely committed to each other.