Lucky Number 11: Massachusetts Carpenter Scores Consecutive Lottery Wins

Lucky Number 11: Massachusetts Carpenter Scores Consecutive Lottery Wins
Cover Image Source: Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets | Getty Images | Photo by Justin Sullivan

Deivson Alves Martins, a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts, is basking in a stroke of extraordinary luck, having clinched not one but two consecutive lottery wins this year. The carpenter, known for his strategic choice of lucky numbers, recently hit the jackpot with a $1 million prize from the "Billion Dollar Extravaganza" instant ticket game, following a $500 win just weeks earlier.

Unslpash | Photo by Erik Mclean
Lottery tickets (representative image): Unsplash | Photo by Erik Mclean

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The Massachusetts State Lottery revealed Martins as the 11th lucky Bay State resident to snag the substantial prize from the high-stakes game. What makes his story stand out is not only the consecutive wins but also his simple yet effective winning strategy. Remarkably, both winning tickets were purchased from the Family Farms convenience store at 443 Park Avenue in Worcester.

Martins, a carpenter by profession, divulged that his winning approach was grounded in his fondness for a particular number — dispenser No. 11. This number, he claims, holds a special place in his heart as his lucky charm. The elated winner shared that his newfound financial fortune has bestowed upon him a sense of security for both his and his family's future.

Powerball tickets await players at Cumberland Farms | Getty Images | Photo by William Thomas Cain
Powerball tickets | Getty Images | Photo by William Thomas Cain

In a statement issued by the lottery, Martins mentioned his earlier win, a $500 prize from a ticket purchased just a month before his million-dollar win. Opting for a one-time payment of $650,000 before taxes, he has redefined the concept of a winning streak.

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The Family Farms convenience store, serving as the backdrop to both his triumphs, is set to receive a commendable $10,000 bonus for its role in selling the winning ticket.

A customer buys Powerball tickets | Getty Images | Photo by Justin Sullivan
A customer buys Powerball tickets | Getty Images | Photo by Justin Sullivan

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The "Billion Dollar Extravaganza" game, characterized by a $50 ticket price, offers players a chance at sizable winnings with odds at 1 in 4.10. As of the latest update from the Massachusetts State Lottery's website, there are four remaining $1 million tickets yet to be claimed.

Additionally, the game tantalizingly presents four $2 million tickets, 56 $50,000 tickets, and a whopping 827 tickets entitling players to $20,000 prizes.

One particular aspect of the "Billion Dollar Extravaganza" is its exceptional payout percentage, standing at an impressive 82.0 percent. This distinguishes it as the game with the highest overall prize payout in the history of the Massachusetts State Lottery. The allure of a potential $25 million prize has already captivated three individuals, albeit with odds resting at a challenging 1 in 10.08 million.

Pexels | Waldemar
Representative image: Lottery | Pexels | Photo by Waldemar

In a similar incident, Wayne Murray from Brooklyn defied astronomical odds by clinching a $10 million lottery prize for the second time in just 16 months. The recent windfall came through the New York Lottery’s 200X scratch-off game. Opting for a lump-sum payment, he will be taking home $6,122,400 for each of his $10 million wins. Surprisingly, both his winning tickets were purchased at the same H & A Gas & Convenience store in Brooklyn.

Reflecting on his feelings after the initial win last year, he said, "It feels very humbling and liberating." The odds of winning the 200X scratch-off game are 1 in 3.5 million, while the Black Titanium game presents slightly longer odds at 1 in 3.6 million, according to the New York Lottery.


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