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Woman Shares Hack to Get Rid of Annoying Workers Who Follow Shoppers Around

A woman went viral for sharing a hack to deter overbearing store workers.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @thesimoneestelle
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @thesimoneestelle

In-store customer service, though intended to assist, can often become bothersome, especially in large retail settings like grocery stores. A TikTok user named Simone (@thesimoneestelle), who has years of retail experience, went viral for sharing a hack to deter overbearing store workers. Her video demonstrates a method that guarantees peace while shopping, drawing widespread attention.

Screenshot from video | TikTok | @thesimoneestelle
Image Source: A screenshot from the video | TikTok | @thesimoneestelle

In a viral video with over 517,000 views, Simone reveals a tactic to deal with bothersome store workers. She describes encountering employees who suddenly appear in her aisle, feigning tasks they weren't previously doing. To discourage them, she advises customers to stand just two inches away from the workers and mirror their actions, closely inspecting shelves and items nearby.

She further advises not to neatly return the items back to the shelves. Demonstrating her tactic, Simone stacks several boxes of hair dye on top of each other. With a confident tone, she asserts, "I bet you they leave," suggesting that this simple action is enough to prompt the workers to depart.

Screenshot from video |TikTok | @thesimoneestelle
Image Source: A screenshot from the video | TikTok | @thesimoneestelle

In the video's caption, Simone clarifies that she did return the products neatly to their place after filming. With years of retail experience, she emphasizes her acute awareness when being followed, stating it's "PAINFULLY" evident. She believes even regular individuals can discern this behavior.

In the comments section, many echoed Simone's experiences. One user, @francesca, recounted being followed in a Walmart while searching for sunglasses. They resorted to circling around until the worker relented and left. "These workers think everybody is trying to steal or what. They make the shopping experience extremely uncomfortable. I'd rather not step foot in a place like that," commented another user.

Screenshot from the comments | TikTok | @francesca
Image Source: Screenshot from the comments | TikTok | @francesca

Numerous other viewers had already employed their own tactics to evade being followed. Strategies varied from directly confronting the workers to even humorously "barking at them," as one user, @tashiastacy, jokingly suggested in the comments. "I would just ask these employees what their issue is. This whole drama gets so awkward," wrote a different user.

"Honestly, these people don't have a life. Prying on customers is not helping anybody. People who come to steal, will steal anyway," added another.

Screenshot from the comments | TikTok | @tashiastacey
Image Source: Screenshot from the comments | TikTok | @tashiastacey

One viewer, @thegreatgemini69, recounted a scenario where they turned the tables by making the worker hold their basket and instructing them to bag the items they desired. Similarly, another user, @macncheese1908, shared their way of directly engaging the worker, either by requesting their assistance or delegating tasks such as holding items or sending them on fruitless quests for nonexistent products, effectively deterring further surveillance.

Screenshot from comments | TikTok| @thegreatgemini69 @macnchees1908
Image Source: Screenshot from comments | TikTok| @thegreatgemini69, @macncheese1908

While the issue of being followed in stores may appear commonplace, it takes on a heightened significance for African American shoppers. According to the 2021 State of Racial Profiling in American Retail report by DealAid, a staggering 90% of African American shoppers reported experiencing racial profiling while purchasing or perusing items.

The report highlighted numerous instances where respondents recounted being followed or closely monitored while shopping.

@thesimoneestelle DISCLAIMERSSS* i put these products back the way they were AND i’ve worked retail many years so its PAINFULLY obvious when an employee is followong you not that you would have to work retail to know👏🏾 #funnyvideos #blacktwitter #viraltiktoks #fyp #blacktiktok ♬ original sound - thesimoneestelle


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