ChatGPT Turned OpenAI Into a Staggering $29 Billion Net Worth Company: The Story and People Behind This AI Revolution

ChatGPT Turned OpenAI Into a Staggering $29 Billion Net Worth Company: The Story and People Behind This AI Revolution
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Even living under a rock won't guard you from not knowing about Artificial Intelligence or AI, especially ChatGPT. The groundbreaking company brought AI to the forefront and made it accessible to the masses. A lot is known about what the Open AI-powered software ChatGPT can do but not many people know about the company in detail. ChatGPT is a product of the company OpenAI based out of San Francisco and was founded by people like Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Peter Theil, Ilya Sutskever, Jessica Livingston, and Reid Hoffman. As of 2023, the company has an estimated net worth of $29 billion and is used by 100 million people. Let's learn more about the very famous platform's creators, its origin, and its evolution.

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The application is developed and owned by OpenAI, which is a leading artificial intelligence company founded in December 2015. The company was founded with the joint effort of the following people.

1. Sam Altman: A renowned investor who was previously the president of Y Combinator startup accelerator is the OpenAI CEO and also the co-founder of the location-based social networking app, Loopt. He is one of the initial board members of the company.

2. Elon Musk: Tesla CEO famously invested in ChatGPT with Sam Altman and was also one of the initial board members but left the board back in 2018.

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3. Greg Brockman: The CTO of OpenAI, Brockman is the leader of the technical front. He was previously the owner of CTO of Stripe, a technology company that deals with online transactions. 

4. Ilya Sutskever: Sutskever is the Cheif scientist at OpenAI. His job is to work on advancing AI research and innovation. He is an expert in his field of deep learning and has developed various neural network architectures and AI models.

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5. John Schulman: He is a research scientist at the company and specializes in reinforcement learning and robotics. He works in developing AI models including ChatGPT's language model.

6. Wojciech Zaremba: He has played an important role in AI research, especially in the fields of robotics and reinforcement learning. His expertise has been crucial in creating the pre-trained transformer (GPT) series and other AI projects at OpenAI.

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Image Source: Hatice Baran/Pexels 

The company came under fire when it decided to change its business model from non-profit to for-profit. "So we started as a non-profit, we learned earlier on that we were going to need far more capital...than we were able to raise as a non-profit," the CEO said in an interview. 

A few months back Elon Musk tweeted expressing his disbelief with the company now becoming for-profit. "I'm still confused as to how a non-profit to which I donated $100 million somehow became a $30 billion market cap for-profit. If this is legal, why doesn't everyone do it?" he tweeted, per Fortune. The Twitter boss also talked about how the company that was created as an open source is now a closed source.

According to the Swiss Bank UBS, ChatGPT is the fastest-growing platform of all time. The platform had 100 million active users in January 2023 which was only two months after the launch of the platform. The company's success has been groundbreaking and has triggered all the other companies to come up with ChatGPT alternatives like Google Bard AI, and the still-under-wraps 'AppleGPT'. The platform is famous because of its accuracy and what it can do for businesses. Another fact that adds to its success is that it is community-driven. It grew with almost zero campaigns and marketing and despite already growing so much the platform still has more room for further improvements.



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