Despite His Sacking From Fox News, Tucker Carlson Maintains a Net Worth of $30 Million

Despite His Sacking From Fox News, Tucker Carlson Maintains a Net Worth of $30 Million
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Former Fox News Anchor, Tucker Carlson is again in the news as he has made a startling revelation in his upcoming biography Tucker. Carlson has claimed that he was fired as a condition of the settlement between the network and Dominion Voting Systems, reports The Guardian. Tucker told his biographer, Chadwick Moore that he knew his firing came as a part of the $787.5 million settlement which was made regarding the broadcast of Donald Trump's lie about election fraud. Further, Carlson also trended for his recent interview with rapper/actor/producer, Ice Cube in which the artist voiced his opposition against COVID vaccines.



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Carlson was taken off-air in April this year by Fox News. He then started broadcasting his own show on Twitter while being under contract, starting a face-off with his former employer. Amid the firing, controversies, and revelations, it is interesting to know that this famous news presenter has earned a respectable net worth.


According to, Tucker Carlson’s net worth stood at $30 million in May, after he was fired from Fox News. Before being taken off air, he was seen as the dominant force in the network’s primetime line-up, generating controversy, ratings, and viewership as he aggressively expressed far-right views.

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Tucker Carlson was taken off-air by Fox in April, but he remained under contract with the network. Carlson’s departure came one week after Fox reached a settlement in a defamation suit brought by Dominion Voting Systems. While Carlson claims that his firing was a part of the deal, Dominion Voting Systems, has denied this and said, “he was merely taken off-air”, as per the Guardian report.

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Carlson’s biographer, Moore has also quoted the company's denial, in the book, and Fox News, too, has long denied that the anchor was removed in connection with the defamation case. In the book, Carlson has expressed that he was “confused”, and “shocked," at the time when he was told that he was being taken off air.

Later, on May 9, Carlson announced the launch of his new show on Twitter. As per a Fortune report, he had let go of an estimated $25 million payment that was owed to him on his Fox News contract, to launch the show.


According to Carlson’s book, the deal was reached just minutes before the trial started as the network had to settle the case. Carlson claims that the owner of Fox News, couldn’t testify, thus the case was settled with his firing being a part of the deal.  

Chadwick Moore’s book called Tucker is published by All Seasons Press, and it is based on “hundreds of hours interviews with Carlson, his family, colleagues, acquaintances, and enemies”, as per The Guardian. The book will be released in the U.S. on August 1.  


Tucker Carlson was a news commentator on CNN from 2000 to 2005. At CNN he hosted a show called The Spin Room and in 2001 he hosted a debate show called Crossfire where he sparred with commentators from the left. The show was cancelled in 2005 and his relations with the network were also severed. After CNN, Carlson went on to host a show on MSNBC from 2005 to 2008.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Paul Hawthorne
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Paul Hawthorne

He then joined Fox News in 2009 and began hosting a nightly talk show called Tucker Carlson Tonight in 2016, which became the highest-rated cable news program in prime time. Outside of television, he co-founded the conservative news site, 'The Daily Caller' in 2010, and sold his stake in 2020. He is also a published author and a popular columnist.


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