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Walmart Store Managers Can Now Earn $400,000 Annually Without Having a College Degree

US Walmart CEO John Furner announced the opportunity in a recent LinkedIn video.
Cover Image Source: A worker collects shopping carts from the parking lot of a Walmart store | Getty Images | Photo by Scott Olson
Cover Image Source: A worker collects shopping carts from the parking lot of a Walmart store | Getty Images | Photo by Scott Olson

Walmart stands out as the preferred supermarket for Americans, not only for its budget-friendly products but also for its inclusive treatment of employees, captivating both shoppers and job seekers. Beyond the iconic blue vest and expansive stores, Walmart has established itself as a top-tier workplace, offering financial incentives and fostering a positive work environment for all staff, from sales representatives to managers. The company exemplifies equal opportunity for advancement, with individuals who started in lower positions now thriving as store managers. Investing in the future, the company provides digital skills education through various programs and tools, ensuring its workforce remains competitive in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Customers shop at a Walmart store on May 18, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. Walmart, the world's largest retailer, today reported first-quarter same-store sales growth that beat expectations and the company raised its full-year forecast.|Getty Images|Photo by Scott Olson
Image Source: Customers shop at a Walmart store | Getty Images | Photo by Scott Olson

Climbing the Corporate Ladder at Walmart Made Easy

Walmart aims to be inclusive, opening its doors to passionate individuals by eliminating the requirement for a college degree and announcing a pay raise for managers. Approximately three out of four current managers began their careers at Walmart as hourly workers, with the journey to becoming a store manager typically taking around five years. In a bid to strengthen its workforce, the company is offering store manager opportunities even to college graduates. The recent pay increase for managers, ranging from $14 to $19 per hour, highlights a significant wage gap between low-level store workers and managerial positions.

A worker stocks the shelves at a Walmart store on January 24, 2023 in Miami, Florida. Walmart announced that it is raising its minimum wage for store employees in early March, store employees will make between $14 and $19 an hour. They currently earn between $12 and $18 an hour.|Getty Images|Photo by Joe Raedle
Image Source: A worker stocks the shelves at a Walmart store | Getty Images | Photo by Joe Raedle

Stock Grant Perks at Walmart

In a recent LinkedIn video, US Walmart CEO John Furner revealed a groundbreaking initiative, announcing that Supercenter managers will now have the chance to earn $400,000 annually. Walmart plans to grant $20,000 in stocks each year to these managers, fostering a sense of ownership in their roles. The move not only provides enticing incentives but also encourages the managers to take their responsibilities seriously.

Starting in April, the stock grants for Supercenter managers will be an added benefit, complementing the recent average pay raise. Changes in the company's payscales involve an increase in the average base pay for managers to $128,000, marking a 9% rise from the $117,000 in 2023. Furthermore, managers can earn extra income through bonuses, potentially reaching 200% of their base pay based on performance and store sales, amounting to an additional $256,000 annually.

John Furner, CEO of Sam's Club speaks during the annual Walmart shareholders meeting event on June 1, 2018 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The shareholders week brings thousands of shareholders and associates from around the world to meet at the company's global headquarters.|Getty Images|Photo by Rick T. Wilking
Image Source: John Furner speaks during the annual Walmart shareholders meeting event | Getty Images | Photo by Rick T. Wilking

When combining the higher base pay and stock grants, managers have the potential to earn $404,000 per year, presenting an attractive income for the role. Furner highlighted the lack of such opportunities when he and others pursued their careers, emphasizing the desire for everyone to experience growth amidst increased competition and a fast-paced lifestyle. With approximately 4,600 stores in the United States and around 600 Sam's Clubs, Walmart also announced stock grants for smaller stores, with Hometown store managers receiving $10,000 and other smaller stores receiving $15,000.