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Scammers Have Spotted the Craze for Stanley Cups on TikTok and are Now Cashing in on it

The warning came shortly after the brand introduced the Pink Valentine’s Day special edition of the Stanely Tumblers which caused chaos at Target stores.
Cover Image Source: Stanley Quencher | Stanley's official website
Cover Image Source: Stanley Quencher | Stanley's official website
Image Source: Stanley Official Website
Stanley Cup | Stanley Official Website

As the craze for Stanley Cups triggered by TikTok trends has led to a surge in demand for the product, Police have issued a warning against the scary rise in counterfeit Stanley Cups in the market. Amid the surge in demand, customers are getting duped by fake websites and social media ads. A warning from authorities came shortly after the brand introduced the Pink Valentine’s Day special edition of the Stanely Tumblers which caused chaos at Target stores while flying off the shelves.


Currently, the famous Stanley Cup's “Quencher” trend is at its peak, and the company recently introduced the limited edition Pink Valentine’s Day version of their famous product, following which the shoppers have gone berserk. This popular version of the stainless-steel tumbler holds up to 40 oz. of liquids and keeps the contents at a desired temperature. The trendy cups, which are a star on TikTok, retail for $45 but the fake cups are reportedly being sold for as low as $19.


Reports mention shoppers waiting in long lines and rushing to Target stores to get their hands on one of their own. The mug is a phenomenon on TikTok and has become a popular gifting item among Gen Z. With the release of a limited edition, Target stores have turned into a scene of chaos. So much so that it has forced some stores to put a limit of two cups per person to get some control over the craze. In a TikTok video posted by Victoria Robino, customers were seen pushing and shoving to get the limited-edition tumbler.

In late 2023, the Better Business Bureau told the shoppers that they would know if they had been scammed if they ordered the popular tumbler from a third-party website but did not receive any confirmation email or were unable to contact the seller.


Further, the agency noted that some consumers received shipping information from the online site but the cup never arrived. Some shoppers even received the message that their cups had been delivered to Alaska. The BBB also warned shoppers that some victims who bought Stanely cups from fraudulent websites lost their personal information and the money spent while the product they ordered never arrived.

Later in November 2023, warned shoppers about a fake Stanley Cup outlet that sold the tumblers for $5.99 and posted sponsored ads and social media. Further advertisements running on reputable retail sites can also lead to a con-site, as per one customer’s testimony on the BBB.

Both the BBB and the police recommend shoppers keep an eye on a tricky imitation website. Further, shoppers are advised to not take social media ads at their face value. Reading the customers’ reviews and looking at the verified accounts of the seller may help. However, it is always recommended to buy the Stanely cups only from known and verified retailers.