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From Fiery Political Commentary to Controversial Exit From CNN: Don Lemon's Legacy and Net Worth

He gained recognition for hosting "Don Lemon Tonight" on CNN.
UPDATED DEC 12, 2023
Cover Image Source: Don Lemon | GettyImages | Photo by Gotham
Cover Image Source: Don Lemon | GettyImages | Photo by Gotham
Name Don Lemon 
Net Worth $12 Million
Source of Income Journalism
Date of Birth Mar 1, 1966
Age 57 years
Gender Male
Profession Journalist
Nationality American

Having earned a reputation for his fiery political commentary, Don Lemon, a popular American journalist and TV news anchor, now has a net worth of $12 million. During his early days as a journalist, he anchored weekend news programs on local television stations in Alabama and Pennsylvania. In his most recent endeavor, Lemon served as a co-host of "CNN This Morning," alongside Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow.

Image Source: GettyImages | Photo by Jeff Kravitz | FilmMagic
Don Lemon | GettyImages | Photo by Jeff Kravitz 

Lemon's primary source of income has been his extensive career in journalism and broadcasting, which began with stints at Fox News affiliates, followed by correspondent positions at NBC in Philadelphia and Chicago. Later, he garnered attention as the former lead anchor for CNN, hosting the widely acclaimed "Don Lemon Tonight" from 2014 to 2022, for an annual salary of $4 million. 

Unfortunately, on April 24, 2023, CNN terminated Lemon's contract, due to the challenges it faced in getting guests to join Lemon on-air, and viewer polls indicated a decline in his popularity. Interestingly, this event coincided with the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News on the same day.

Thanks to his prominent position in news media, Lemon owns a $1.75 million condo in Harlem, featuring 1,400 square feet of living space, two bedrooms, and 2.5 bathrooms. In 2016, he purchased a property in the upscale Hamptons neighborhood for $3 million.

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Social Media Followers
Instagram 715,000 Followers
Twitter 1.4 Million Followers
Facebook 977,000 Followers

Born on March 1, 1966, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Don Lemon's childhood was marked by resilience and early leadership qualities. Growing up in a Creole household, Lemon faced challenges that shaped his character. Despite facing sexual molestation at the age of five, a revelation he shared on-air in 2010, Lemon remained resilient. His formative years saw him elected as the class president during his senior year of high school.

After graduating, Lemon pursued his education at Louisiana State University and later transferred to Brooklyn College, majoring in journalism. During his college years, he gained hands-on experience as a news assistant at a Fox News affiliate in New York. This early exposure laid the foundation for a successful career in journalism.

Image Source: GettyImages | Photo by Jamie McCarthy | Getty Images for Blue Jacket Fashion Show
Don Lemon | GettyImages | Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Lemon's career gained momentum when he joined NBC, initially working for affiliate stations in Birmingham, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. His journey with NBC News included appearances on "Today" and "NBC Nightly News," which showed his versatility and journalistic standards. NBC Nightly News played a key role in shaping his identity as a journalist, with notable achievements such as winning an Edward R. Murrow Award for his coverage of the D.C. area sniper and his impactful reports on Hurricane Katrina.

Despite his success, Lemon faced controversies during his tenure at CNN. Known for his strong views, he sometimes deviated from traditional journalistic norms, leading to criticism and, at times, apologies to colleagues. The challenges he encountered didn't overshadow his achievements, including three Emmy Awards.

In 2011, Lemon publicly announced his sexual orientation, becoming one of the few openly gay African Americans in the broadcasting industry. His openness about his personal life extended to his relationship with Tim Malone, a real estate agent, whom he became engaged to in 2019.

Apart from his journalistic career, Lemon has made strategic real estate investments contributing to his net worth, estimated at $12 million. Notable properties include a condo in Harlem, which he sold in 2020, and a residence in the Hamptons. These ventures reflect both financial acumen and a taste for upscale living.

Awards and recognition

2002: Won Edward R. Murrow Award for coverage of the D.C. area sniper capture and received awards for Hurricane Katrina reports.

2006: Earned three Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards, including one for "Life on Craigslist" and two for "Journey to Africa."

2009: Voted one of the 150 most influential African Americans by Ebony magazine.

2014: Listed in The Advocate's 50 Most Influential LGBTQ People in Media.

2016: Honored with a Native Son Award for impact on black gay men in society.

2017: Named on Out magazine's Power 50 list of the most influential LGBTQ people in the USA.

2019: Named one of the Pride50 by Queerty, recognizing trailblazing efforts for LGBTQ equality on the 50th Stonewall Riots anniversary.

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Why Was Don Lemon Fired From CNN?

The decision came just over two months after he publicly apologized for remarks about Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, igniting swift and contentious reactions.

What Is Don Lemon's Net Worth And Salary?

Don Lemon's net worth is $12 million. He earned a salary of $4 million per year for his role at CNN.

How Did Don Lemon Make His Money?

Don Lemon made his money through his career as a journalist and television news anchor.

How Old Is Don Lemon? 

Don Lemon was born on March 1, 1966 and He is 57 Years Old. 

Don Lemon Net Worth 2023?

The net worth information provided is $12 million, and there is no specific update on his net worth for the year 2023.