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Caleb Simpson, Famous for His TikTok Videos on Home Rents, Just Disclosed His NYC Rent!

The turning point for Simpson on TikTok happened when noted investor, Barbara Corcoran reached out, expressing interest in making a video with him.
Image Source: Caleb Simpson Instagram
Image Source: Caleb Simpson Instagram

You have surely heard about Caleb Simpson who became a sensation for going around, asking citizens about their rents, and following it up with a tour of their apartments. Now, Simpson is frequently asked about his New York City rent.

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Caleb Simpson enjoys living with his roommates, finding it enjoyable and culturally acceptable in NYC. He revealed, "I pay $6,500 a month, but I share my apartment with two roommates. So, my portion is $2,850. People often wonder why I don't move to a nicer place since I can afford it now."

Despite launching his social media career a decade ago in North Carolina, he gained TikTok fame by asking people worldwide, "How much do you pay for rent?" He showcases diverse living spaces in major cities, ranging from $500 to $20,000, even featuring homes of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Vinny Guadagnino.

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A post shared by Caleb Simpson (@calebwsimpson)


Reflecting on his experiences, Simpson shared, "Every city and country I visited this year, someone stopped for a picture. It's a unique way of living, and that's why I started the series—to explore, learn, and connect with people and places around the world."

Recalling his initial attempts at asking New Yorkers about their rent, Simpson shared, "The first person I approached told me to 'get out of their face.' It was challenging to get a 'yes,' and even when I did, my rule was to film the video on the same day. It took nearly a hundred tries before someone agreed."

Image Source: Caleb Simpson Instagram
Caleb Simpson | Instagram

The turning point for Simpson on TikTok happened when noted businesswoman and investor Barbara Corcoran reached out expressing interest in making a video with him. This collaboration resulted in his fourth most-popular TikTok, showcasing Corcoran's $10,000 per month Manhattan apartment. The video gained immense popularity with 41.5 million views.

Simpson was surprised by the impact. "It caught me off guard. Her endorsement marked a shift, making me known as the guy exploring people's homes." Corcoran herself acknowledged the frenzy, sharing, "It was one of the crazier moments in my life. People in my grocery store were saying, 'We love your apartment!'" The vlogger revealed plans for more collaborations in the coming year.

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A post shared by Caleb Simpson (@calebwsimpson)


Caleb Simpson reflects on the crucial lessons from his viral fame, emphasizing acceptance and the necessity to "evolve or die." He notes the unpredictable nature of life's journey, saying, "You start with one idea, walk through doors that open, and find yourself on an unexpected path."

Highlighting the importance of adaptation, Simpson shares his numerous evolutions as a content creator on TikTok, cautioning against getting stuck in one place. He diversifies his content, now including celebrity pizza reviews and a cash-cab trivia game in his Tesla. Despite these changes, his core focus remains on showcasing everyday people.

Simpson encourages a shift from self-centered content, expressing, "My world expanded when I stopped making content about myself and focused on other people and things I found interesting. The era of being like Kim Kardashian is over; people want to see and engage with different and cool things."