As Americans Demand Pensions Amid Concerns Of Retirement Crisis, Annuities Maybe Worth Looking Into

As Americans Demand Pensions Amid Concerns Of Retirement Crisis, Annuities Maybe Worth Looking Into
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Inflation-hit Americans are increasingly worried about their retirement. In a National Institute on Retirement Security survey, 83% of the citizens felt that America is in a retirement crisis. Further, a report from Greenwald Research indicated that 90% of people saving in company plans such as 401 (k) believe that it doesn’t provide a reliable stream of income. Thus, the majority has opted for a solution which is pensions, and this is backed by Senator Bernie Sanders as well. However, it isn’t certain if pensions will make a come back thus alternatives like annuities are worth exploring. Here’s all that workers need to know about annuities.


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While the 401(k) plan seemed a solid backup for Americans in the past, the recent 40-year high inflation has exposed the fragility of it. In a Clever Study survey, about 40% of the workers felt that they will outlive their retirement savings while 19% of the retirees think they already have.

This comes as people who are struggling to afford everyday necessities have dipped into their 401 (k) plans or reduced their contributions.

In a survey of 569 retirees conducted by MedicareFAQ, 59% of the respondents said that they were concerned about their finances in retirement. Another research from Fidelity Investments added to the concern as it found that older adults haven’t recovered from their 401 (k) losses since the pandemic.

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Thus, an overwhelming majority, 87% of the respondents in the NIRS survey, felt that all workers should have a pension to lead an independent and self-reliant retirement. The survey also found that over three-fourths of the respondents agreed pensioners are more likely to have a secured retirement.

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In the past, attempts were made to revive pension plans. For instance, when the United Auto Workers (UAW) union workers walked out last summer at the big three automakers, demanding pensions, Ford offered them beefed-up 401(k) company matches instead. Furthermore, Ford Chief Financial Officer John Lawler called pensions a “plan of the past," as per Detroit Free Press. 


However, the UAW also received an annuity option in their defined contribution plan which allowed workers to create their pension by converting some of their 401 (k0 funds into an annuity. Thus, if pensions fail to make a return, annuities may be a great alternative for workers.

An annuity is a contract bought from an insurance company that allows workers to draw regular payouts after retirement. The duration of payouts lasts until they die or for a fixed number of years.

The amount of pay depends on factors such as age, premiums paid for the annuity, the insurance company, and the interest rates at the time the annuity was bought.

Further, workers can run annuities inside defined their contribution plans as well.

Annuities ensure steady income after retirement. For folks with more modest contributions, an annuity may serve as a supplement to Social Security, even if they live to be very, very old.

Next, annuities enjoy a tax-deferred status, thus annuity holders don’t owe a penny to the government until they withdraw the funds. This also helps reduce Social Security taxes, as workers have less taxable income when they delay withdrawals.


Another massive benefit of annuities is the offered guaranteed rates. While the payout from variable annuities depends on how the market performs, there are fixed types of annuities as well which lets people know what the rate of return will be for a certain period. Thus, for people looking for a predictable income stream, this may prove to be a great alternative.


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