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Social Media User Talks About the Unexpected Experience of Working With Taylor Swift

"I wish I never met Taylor Swift," said the "hater."
Cover Image Source: TikTok | nickfromohio
Cover Image Source: TikTok | nickfromohio

Taylor Swift has emerged as one of the biggest pop-culture icons and most successful musicians of our times, as every move she makes hits global headlines. From her cat attaining a $97 million net worth, to Travis Kelce becoming the centre of attention for dating her, everything connected to Taylor Swift creates a buzz on social media. Now a TikTok creator has come out with the tale of a harsh reality check that he and his friend had to deal with while participating in a Taylor Swift photoshoot. Unexpected behavior by Swift turned it into the worst day of the TikToker's life.

"You can only hate for so long before you turn around and become a fan," TikTok user Nick from Ohio said in his video which has gone viral now.

"I wish I never met Taylor Swift," said the "hater."

TikTok | Nick
TikTok | nickfromohio

Nick then goes on to talk about the day when his views on Taylor Swift changed for the better. A photoshoot for an unknown project of Taylor's was taking place in a McDonald's. The shoot required people to react to her coming out of the kitchen. People had gathered for the shoot and it took only 15 minutes to shoot the reaction portion which involved the fans. Fans waited more than 10 hours to shoot this 15-minute portion. 

"It was the last thing they had to do, just the people out there to have a reaction to her coming out of the kitchen."

Soon after the shoot in the dining hall with all the fans was over, Swift went back in, which left everybody feeling a bit "defeated."

"We all thought we would be getting a few pictures or autographs or whatever..."

However, soon a woman from her team came and announced that Swift would be joining the fans soon and would be greeting everybody.

"She comes back out and takes another hour/hour and a half, shaking her hands and thanking everybody for coming."

Taylor went on to take photos with everybody and even signed each and everything that fans asked her to sign. She also said that she would be giving out an "extra bit of money" for staying and helping her out with the shoot. 

TikTok |
TikTok | nickfromohio

Afterward, her team gave the fans gift cards and signed letters. The TikTok creator then says, "I thought that I would never sit here and say to myself like wow I'm a Taylor Swift fan, but now I am a Taylor Swift fan."

"That was like the nicest thing I've seen a celebrity take time out of their day. She has such a busy schedule. Took all that time to talk to us, shake our hands, and sign things. Amazing," he recollected. 

"Now I'm seeing all the thing she's doing with the Cheifs and all this, it just makes me realize that you can only hate for so late until you turn around and become a fan."

TikTok |
TikTok | nickfromohio

"That's how that became the worst day of my life, because I went from a hater to a fan, and now I am waiting for her new album to drop, and I cannot wait."

Swifties in the comments section unanimously agreed to the fact that Taylor is the nicest celebrity out there. 

"I became a Taylor Swift fan when I found out how kind and generous she was," wrote one, while another wrote, "I’m not a Swiftie, but I’m just amazed I’ve never heard of a bad interaction with her. I think she must just truly be a great person."

You can follow Nick (@nickfromohio) on TikTok for more such content.