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Univ Student Wants To Sell Her Taylor Swift Concert Tickets To Buy Laptop, Sparks Debate On Scalping

The user is being called a “scalper” for selling the tickets at a higher price.
Taylor Swift performs onstage during  The Eras Tour | Getty Images | Photo by Buda Mendes
Taylor Swift performs onstage during The Eras Tour | Getty Images | Photo by Buda Mendes

A Redditor’s post on the “AmITheA******” forum has sparked a debate about “scalping”. The user from Singapore, u/cruelsummer_89 wrote in her post that she plans to sell her tickets for US pop superstar Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in her country to buy a new laptop. However, her elder sister, who is a lawyer is upset with her as she is not giving her the tickets at face value. Thus, the user is in a dilemma as she is being called a “scalper” for selling the tickets at a higher price. The Eras Tour in Singapore is slated for March 2024.

Here’s The Redditor’s Story

In the Reddit post which now has over 1300 upvotes, the user wrote that she and her friend got the tickets in the front of the second level for day one and good floor seats for day four of the tour. She further adds that they are university students, and she babysits to earn money.

Her plan of selling the day four, floor tickets came by when her laptop stopped working just six weeks after its warranty expired. The user explained that her parents are not well off and she has no other means to buy a laptop without selling the tickets.

"I took it to Apple and they said it needs to be replaced. It will cost about $1000 to fix it as it is out of warranty. For that, I might as well just pay a few hundred dollars more and buy a new one,” the user wrote.

She said that by selling her floor tickets, which are in high demand, she can get up to $2500 which will be more than enough for her to cover the cost of the laptop and save some money.

“This will be helpful for me for times when I need to babysit less because I am busy during the exam period," she said.

However, when her sister, who is 10 years older than her and works as a lawyer, found out that she was selling her tickets over price value, she called her a scalper.

Typically, scalpers are people who buy several tickets from official channels only to re-sell them at a profit. However, the user said that she was only selling one ticket to buy the laptop which is a necessity for her at the university.


The user further added that her sister asked her to get a laptop of some other cheaper brand instead of scamming people. However, the user defended her stance by saying that her Apple devices and iPhone are interlinked to her laptop, and she needs an Apple laptop to replace it.

The user also asked her lawyer sister to buy her a new laptop in exchange for the tickets, but she refused calling it “unfair”.

The comment section of the post was fairly divided on the matter. While most users thought the user was NTA (Not the A******) for selling her ticket, some users did voice their strong opinions against scalping.

One of the users supported the Redditor and said that she wasn’t a scalper for selling one ticket. Further, if she needed the money it was fine to sell the ticket. To this the Redditor replied that her sister was sharing stories on Instagram, calling her scummy.

Image Source: Reddit | @cruelsummer_89
Image Source: Reddit | @cruelsummer_89

However, another user did not agree with her at all. The user said that it was wrong for her to sell the ticket for a huge profit as she had added no value to it. She said the user would be taking advantage of a fan who is desperate to go to the show.

Image Source: Reddit | @cruelsummer_89
Image Source: Reddit | @cruelsummer_89