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Walmart Customers Unhappy with In-Store Experience Amid Online Shopping Boom

Walmart’s pick-up and delivery service may be ruining the shopping experience for in-store customers.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @dave_mcv55
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @dave_mcv55

A TikToker @dave_mvc55 expressed his frustration in a video that took the platform by storm. In the viral clip, he is seen angry at how Walmart's online shoppers are impeding the aisles and questioned whether his irritation is justified. Traditionally, personal shoppers were a luxury for the affluent, but the dynamics changed drastically post-Covid. Now, personal shoppers seem to be prioritizing online customers, sidelining in-store shoppers. 

Image Source: TikTok|@dave_mcv55
Image Source: TikTok | @dave_mcv55

The video highlighted the issue of online shoppers occupying significant aisle space. While personal shoppers assist online customers with curbside pickups, the concern lies in the special carts with baskets provided to them, occupying more aisle space than regular shopping carts. This practice leaves less room for traditional customers, leading to frustration and a perception that shopping at Walmart is no longer viable for them.

Walmart has been making significant efforts to expand its presence in the e-commerce market, aiming to compete with long-time competitor Amazon in the U.S. As part of its strategy, the retail chain is leveraging its physical stores to enhance its online ordering capabilities. The retailer's approach includes hiring more "pickers," or online personal shoppers, to fulfill this objective. Walmart's e-commerce strategy has shown success, with a reported 27% growth in online sales in the first quarter of 2023. However, an increase in online shoppers has raised concerns about the impact on the in-store shopping experience for traditional customers

In his TikTok video, Dave elaborated on how shoppers often disregard the workers assisting them, finding it seemingly trendy. He expressed his concern about in-store shoppers frequently being spoken to rudely when asked to move their carts, creating inconvenience for others. However, opinions on Walmart's digital shoppers are divided online. The TikToker underscored that some comments are hurtful, particularly towards disabled individuals, showcasing the insensitivity of personal shoppers.

Image Source: tikTok|@dave_mcv55
Image Source: tikTok | @dave_mcv55

One commenter responded, "I understand they are trying to do their job but customers can’t get around shopping, especially when there’s stockers why can’t it be done overnight." Another user said, "Target is the same now! So many ppl blocking and they look at you like what are you here."

Someone else commented, "Between the employee shoppers and piles of boxed inventory all over the floor, shopping is a challenge!" Online shoppers also had something to add. "Sorry haven’t stepped foot inside Walmart in months Love the curbside pickup…” one customer said. "The best way to shop Walmart is online, especially groceries," another argued.

Image Source: TikTok|@duperhitv aka Savian
Image Source: TikTok | @duperhitv

In another TikTok video, Walmart digital personal shopper Savian (@duperhitv), shared a glimpse into his daily routine, shedding light on the challenges he faces while preparing orders for online shoppers. He described the process of collecting items from customers' carts, consulting a machine for aisle details, scanning each item, and handling discrepancies.

Savian expressed frustration with in-store shoppers who, instead of returning unwanted items to their original locations, place them randomly, creating additional challenges for digital shoppers. Despite the stress of fulfilling orders and shipping, he talked about the need for cooperation to ensure a smooth shopping experience for everyone involved.