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Shah Rukh Khan is Ranked the World's 4th Richest Actor Even Above Tom Cruise; Here's His Net Worth

Khan's rise to stardom began in the late 1980s and he has since appeared in over 80 Bollywood films.
UPDATED JAN 10, 2024
Cover Image Source: Shah Rukh Khan | Getty Images | Ian Gavan
Cover Image Source: Shah Rukh Khan | Getty Images | Ian Gavan
Name Shah Rukh Khan 
Net Worth $770 Million
Annual Income $50-80 million
Sources of Income Acting, Film production, Endorsements, Business ventures
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 2, 1965
Age 57 Years
Nationality India
Profession Actor, Film producer, TV personality

Shah Rukh Khan aka the "King of Bollywood", is an iconic Indian actor, film producer, and TV personality. With a net worth of $770 million, he is the 4th richest actor in the world, according to the data released by World Of Statistics, and a prominent figure in the Indian entertainment industry. The list of the top eight richest actors in the world also includes names like Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Robert De Niro, and others. 


Khan's journey to stardom began in the late 1980s and he has since appeared in over 80 Bollywood films, per Celebrity Net Worth. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, the dynamic duo of Bollywood, boast a combined net worth of approximately $97.37 million. According to reports, Shah Rukh Khan, born on November 2, 1965, in New Delhi, embarked on his entertainment journey in the late '80s, achieving stardom with the 1992 film "Deewana." Beyond his acting prowess, SRK has become a successful film producer through Red Chillies Entertainment, with notable films like "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" and "My Name is Khan." Gauri Khan, a thriving interior designer, and Red Chillies producer, contributes significantly to their wealth. The couple's diverse investments span real estate, brand endorsements, and equity partnerships.

Shah Rukh Khan's film fees, averaging around $1.20-1.81 million per movie, showcase his stature. For his 2023 movie, "Pathaan" Khan opted for a share in the movie's profit, earning around $2.41 million. As for their highest-grossing films, "Jawan" and "Pathaan" are noteworthy. Shah Rukh Khan's decision not to charge a fee for "Pathaan" but to share in its profits underscores his business acumen.

This power couple's journey from humble beginnings to a joint net worth of approximately $975.3 million reflects not just their acting talent but also their entrepreneurial spirit and strategic financial decisions. Their story serves as an inspiration in both the realms of entertainment and business.

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Shah Rukh Khan earns from his acting roles, film production through his company Red Chillies Entertainment, lucrative endorsements, and various business ventures. He is known for his versatility as an actor, seamlessly transitioning from romantic roles to more complex characters, which has contributed to his enduring popularity.

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Shah Rukh Khan's salary and business

Khan's earnings are substantial with an annual salary ranging between $50 and $80 million, per Wealthy Gorilla. He commands high fees for his acting roles, with media reports suggesting that he makes around Rs 20-25 crore (approximately $28-35 million) per film. Khan is also the co-owner of the Indian Premier League cricket team, Kolkata Knight Riders, and the Caribbean Premier League team Trinbago Knight Riders. These ventures contribute significantly to his net worth.

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Shah Rukh Khan, the iconic Bollywood actor and global celebrity, continues to captivate fans worldwide, with his recent visit to Dubai leaving a lasting impression. The "King of Bollywood" has an immense global fan following, and his appearances in Dubai have been nothing short of spectacular. Beyond his stellar career in the entertainment industry, Shah Rukh Khan has expanded his influence into business ventures in Dubai, adding to his already impressive portfolio. His enduring popularity, marked by his notable appearances in Dubai, reflects not only his status as a cinematic legend but also his successful forays into international business, making him a true global icon.

Shah Rukh Khan's ownership of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) has played a significant role in both his brand influence and net worth. As the co-owner of the team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), King Khan's financial implications are noteworthy. The success of the Kolkata Knight Riders under his ownership has not only added to the team's reputation but has also contributed to Shah Rukh Khan's overall brand value. The team's victories and its popularity in the IPL have enhanced SRK's association with success in the sporting arena, further solidifying his multifaceted image beyond the film industry. This venture, along with his other businesses like Red Chillies Entertainment and endorsements, showcases Shah Rukh Khan's diverse entrepreneurial portfolio, which significantly influences his substantial net worth.

Shah Rukh Khan's wealth is also reflected in his real estate holdings. He owns a six-story, 26,328-square-foot $2.41 million mansion in Mumbai called Mannat, which he purchased with his wife Gauri in 2001. He owns a villa named Jannat in the prestigious Palm Jumeirah area in Dubai, UAE, that offers panoramic views of the sea. Khan's real estate portfolio extends to homes in New Delhi and London as well.

The couple owns a stunning collection of luxury cars. The fleet includes a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black, a Bentley Continental GT, a Bugatti Veyron, a BMW 7-Series, a BMW 6-Series Convertible, a Land Rover Range Rover Sport, a BMW i8, and a Toyota Land Cruiser.


Instagram 40.4 Million Followers
Twitter 43.6 Million Followers
Facebook 43 Million Followers

Shah Rukh Khan married Gauri Chibber in 1991, with whom he has three children, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan, and Abram Khan. He is known for his philanthropic endeavors, particularly in the areas of healthcare and disaster relief. His dedication to social causes has earned him prestigious awards, including UNESCO's Pyramide con Marni award and the World Economic Forum's Crystal Award.

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Throughout his illustrious career, Khan has received numerous accolades for his acting prowess. He has been honored with the Padma Shri by the government of India and has been recognized internationally with awards like the Officier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour by the Government of France. Khan is also considered the “King of Bollywood” and he has appeared in more than 80 Bollywood films and earned numerous accolades, including 14 Filmfare Awards.

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In a comparison of the net worth of Bollywood's major stars, Shah Rukh Khan stands out as a financial juggernaut with an astounding net worth of $770 million, surpassing both Salman Khan and Aamir Khan individually. Shah Rukh's net worth is notably 116% higher than Salman Khan's $35.15 million and even exceeds the combined net worth of Salman and Aamir, which stands at around $56.62 million. The collaborative ventures of SRK and Salman in films like "Pathaan" and "Tiger 3" highlight the duo's strong on-screen presence. Salman Khan, renowned for his blockbuster career, boasts a $96.39 million Panvel farmhouse among his prized possessions. Aamir Khan, with a net worth of $22.37 million, resides in a lavish $7.23 million apartment in Pali Hill and owns a $1.20 million Panchgani farmhouse. Shah Rukh Khan's remarkable financial ascent underscores his reign as the "King of Bollywood", proving that dreams, hard work, and a touch of luck are the perfect ingredients for success in the film industry.

1. Shah Rukh Khan with a net worth of $770 Million

2. Hrithik Roshan with a net worth of $410 Million

3. Amitabh Bachchan with a net worth of $375 Million

4. Salman Khan with a net worth of $355 Million

5. Akshay Kumar with a net worth of $325 Million

6. Amir Khan with a net worth of $235 Million

7. Chiranjeevi with a net worth of $200 Million

8. Ram Charan with a net worth of $175 Million

9. Saif Ali Khan with a net worth of $150 Million

10. Nagarjuna Akkineni with a net worth of $123 Million

What is Shah Rukh Khan's net worth?

Shah Rukh Khan's net worth is estimated to be $770 million.

How much does Shah Rukh Khan earn per film?

Shah Rukh Khan is reported to earn around $28-35 million from each film.

What is the age of Shah Rukh Khan?

Shah Rukh Khan is 57 years old.

Who is the number one richest actor in the world?

Jerry Seinfeld is the richest actor with an estimated net worth of $1 billion.

Why is Hrithik Roshan so rich?

Hrithik Roshan has earned most of his wealth from his highly successful acting career. 

Why has Shah Rukh Khan's net worth reduced over the last two years?

His net worth has not reduced over the last 2 years.

Whose net worth is more: Shah Rukh Khan or Sundar Pichai?

The net worth of Shah Rukh Khan is more than that of Sundar Pichai.

What is the net worth of Amitabh Bachchan?

Amitabh Bachchan has an estimated net worth of $375 million.

What is the net worth of SKF Productions?

The net worth of SKF Productions is approximately $273.10 million.

How much does Karan Johar earn?

Karan Johar earns more than $1.2 million annually.