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Shopper Surprised to Find a Zimmermann Dress Originally Priced at $1,150 in a Thrift Store

The post showcased a close-up image of a stunning Zimmermann brand dress in a delightful creamsicle hue, complete with an elegant seashell belt.
Cover Image Source: Shopper finds Zimmermann dress at thrift store | Reddit | @u/ClassicPalpitation52
Cover Image Source: Shopper finds Zimmermann dress at thrift store | Reddit | @u/ClassicPalpitation52

Finding highly sought-after luxury goods at an affordable price while going through the pile at a thrift store sounds like a dream, but such finds are being increasingly shared with fashion enthusiasts since the rise of social media. In a recent Reddit post, a shopper revealed the ultimate thrift store discovery, leaving fashionistas in awe, as per The Sun. Redditor @u/ClassicPalpitation52 showed off a stunning Zimmermann brand dress in a delightful creamsicle hue, complete with an elegant seashell belt priced at a staggering $1,150.

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Comments poured in, echoing a mixture of astonishment and admiration for the discovery. One commenter @u/Then_Conclusion exclaimed, "Holy moly! $1,150? Great find!" and @u/ClassicPalpitation52 replied, "I didn't even know it has tags when I got home." The Redditor confessed that they were completely unaware of the dress's actual value until after completing the purchase. "I didn't even realize it still had tags until I got home," they added, without actually revealing the price at which they bagged the dress.

Pexels | Photo by cottonbro studio
Pexels | Photo by cottonbro studio

Meanwhile, @u/MareShoop63, said, "Wow! One sold on EBay NWT for $450.00 Great find! Congrats." @u/ClassicPalpitation52 shared their excitement, exclaiming, "Thank you." Meanwhile, another user, @u/TerribleChildhood639, expressed astonishment, stating, "Wow, that's expensive! What year is it?" In response, the original poster clarified, "It says 2022 when I did my research."

Reddit | @u/ClassicPalpitation52
Reddit | @u/ClassicPalpitation52

Further in the thread, @u/RefugeefromSAforums offered fashion advice, suggesting, "Some strappy orange espadrilles would be so darling with it!". @u/LadyLovesRoses chimed in with admiration, commenting, "Nice find! I love Zimmerman! I bought a bathing suit by them and it fits perfectly and is gorgeous." Curiosity struck another user, @u/mrsmojorisin55, who inquired, "How much was it?" In a wave of enthusiasm, @u/Teedorable couldn't contain their excitement, exclaiming, "Shut up! I'm crying and so happy for you."

Unsplash | Photo by Becca McHaffie
Unsplash | Photo by Becca McHaffie

Amidst comments, @u/PBFHrants added, "That is a gorgeous year-round dress!! Great find!" @u/Federal-Laugh9575 injected a touch of humor, joking, "This is beautiful! I wish I had the kind of money to buy a $1K dress and then never wear it." Inquisitiveness persisted as @u/Past-Development-933 questioned, "How much was the GW price?" @u/New-Investment-5888 echoed the sentiment, asking, "I'm curious too, what was the Goodwill price? $500?" @u/Momsbusy rounded off the chorus of praise, simply stating, "That's amazing! It's gorgeous." 

Reddit |
Reddit | @u/ClassicPalpitation52

In a parallel conversation, @u/VioletLeagueDapper voiced their admiration, stating, "Wow! Zimmerman consistently delivers great resort wear. Excellent find, boo!" Adding to the conversation, @u/WestCoastValleyGirl brought in a pop culture reference, revealing, "Girl, guess who just wore this dress on RHONJ, this week's premiere has Teresa wearing this exact dress in the first episode. I had to come find this post to tell you. The belt cinched it for me…lol. When I saw the shell belt buckle I knew. Nice find." @u/ClassicPalpitation52 responded "Oh wow thank you! I didn't even know that this has a shell when I picked it up when I saw Zimmerman. I just picked it up, lol." Meanwhile, @u/Grouchy_Swordfish_73 summed up the sentiment, saying, "Gorgeous."

In a similar Reddit post shared by u/ThriftStoreHauls, a user expressed concerns over the escalating prices at mainstream thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. Despite acknowledging occasional discoveries at a low price, they lamented the diminishing affordability and reminisced about childhood thrift store visits.