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Woman Discusses Time Theft Accusations By Employer; Netizens Rally Behind Her

The confusion stemmed from the creator having access to two different job codes for recording her work hours.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @gabrielle_judge
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @gabrielle_judge

In a recent TikTok video, user @gabrielle_judge recounted her unsettling experience of being accused of "time theft" at her first job during college. The incident sheds light on the growing issue of time theft in corporate America and its impact on employees, particularly those navigating their first foray into the professional world.

TikTok | @gabrielle_judge
TikTok | @gabrielle_judge

@gabrielle_judge, a first-generation college student with "blue-collar parents," described feeling ill-prepared for the expectations of corporate America. Despite her efforts to excel in her role, she found herself in a daunting situation when summoned to a meeting with her bosses a few months into the job. Allegations of intentionally misreporting work hours emerged, leaving her shocked and confused.

TikTok |
TikTok | @gabrielle_judge

The confusion stemmed from the creator having access to two different job codes for recording her work hours, a practice she found perplexing. Despite the negligible difference in pay between the codes, she was accused of deliberately choosing the higher-paying option. Feeling intimidated and uncertain, she hastily signed a written warning without fully understanding its implications.

The encounter left her grappling with feelings of guilt and shame, prompting her to question her integrity and suitability for managerial roles in the future. The experience, although ultimately unfounded, had a profound impact on her confidence and career aspirations.

Time theft, a prevalent issue exacerbated by remote work arrangements, occurs when employees receive payment for hours they did not work. A study by Robert Half International revealed that employers lose an average of 4.5 hours per employee per week due to time theft, with as many as one in four employees over-reporting their work hours.

TikTok | @gabrielle_judge
TikTok | @gabrielle_judge

While acknowledging the seriousness of time theft as a workplace concern, many commenters on TikTok rallied behind @gabrielle_judge, highlighting flaws in the managerial oversight that led to her predicament. Criticism was directed towards the manager's failure to address discrepancies in the job codes promptly, suggesting a lapse in procedural diligence. Several TikTok users shared their own experiences and perspectives on the issue of time theft in response to @gabrielle_judge's story. 

User, @Chloe, shared their experience of working two jobs for the same company at different rates, only to discover six months later that they needed to sign in with a different code.  Similarly, @B3averdog revealed their confusion when instructed to clock time into "training" six months into their job, highlighting the lack of proper training on clocking procedures. Contrary to blaming the manager, @Jones Reed Designs asserted that incorrect wage profiles were the responsibility of the administrative staff. @Jessie Rae expressed surprise at the creator's failure to inquire about the two different codes when clocking in, especially given their vigilance in checking paychecks.

TikTok | @gabrielle_judge
TikTok | @gabrielle_judge

@Sadie King questioned why the creator didn't seek clarification on clocking procedures when encountering the unfamiliar codes.  The creator's ordeal also sparked broader discussions about workplace fairness and the psychological toll of unjust accusations on employees. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence against her, the emotional repercussions of the incident were profound, underscoring the need for supportive and transparent workplace environments. One user, @lex, recounted how their former coworker was accused of time theft because they lacked client work, resulting in all their hours being deemed unbillable. @Kayla Caroline said, "No bc why do they always wait until you’ve done something for so long before they say anything I don’t get it," highlighting frustration with the perceived lack of proactive management. 

@gabrielle_judge This is a story time of how i got accused of stealing at a job while being a manager. I rarely share crazy work stories so I thought I would bring you through one of my most embarassing times at work. #firedfrommyjob #quittok #toxiccoworker #corporateamerica #careertips ♬ original sound - Anti Work Girlboss


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