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Stanley Cup Craze Goes Wild: Woman Allegedly Stole Quenchers Worth $2500

The 23-year-old woman allegedly stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise and tried to escape
Stanley Quencher | Stanley's official website
Stanley Quencher | Stanley's official website
Image Source: Facebook | City of Roseville, California Police Department
Image Source: Facebook | City of Roseville, California Police Department

The craze for Stanley tumblers has gone off the roof. From being a must-have to a constant in viral reels on social media, the Stanley Quencher is having its moment. One woman in California even stole Stanley cups worth $2,500, according to a statement from the Roseville Police Department. Authorities responded to a call on January 17 about a shoplifting incident. The police stated that the 23-year-old woman allegedly refused to stop for the retail staff, stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise, and attempted to flee.

Image Source: Facebook | City of Roseville, California Police Department
Image Source: Facebook | City of Roseville, California Police Department

The suspect's vehicle was intercepted on the highway, and after a search, the police discovered 65 Stanley products worth $2,500, as per the statement. Officers suspect that the merchandise was stolen from multiple stores and are currently working to confirm where they had been stolen from.

The suspect was charged with grand theft and DUI, a spokesperson for the department told NPR


The Stanley Cup craze has been all over TikTok since 2020, four years after the company launched its most loved, Quencher line. Things took a turn for the century-old company when former Crocs chief marketing officer Terence Reilly joined Stanley as CEO and pumped up the brand’s image with influencer partners.

The community of Stanley lovers has steadily grown and it reached new heights with the brand launching several limited editions of the Quenchers. Consumers soon turned into collectors and fanatics. Its popularity on social media is soaring by the day. It has become a desirable gifting item for Gen Zers. In recent weeks many users gifted each other Stanleys for the holidays, and the craze was furthered by the launch of the limited-edition Quenchers for Valentine’s Day.


A new ‘Pink Edition’ of the Quenchers launched in collaboration with Starbucks tipped the frenzies overboard spiking massing demand.

Earlier this month, TikTok user Rayah Sunshine’s livestream showed a man jumping the counter at a Starbucks store and making a run with a box of limited edition Stanley cups before being tackled to the ground.


While the crazy-viral Stanley Quenchers have helped the company reap millions in profits, some shoppers have reportedly lost thousands of dollars to scams. Several police departments across the country have urged people to watch out for scammers.

Earlier this month, the police warned about scammers pretending to sell Stanley cups online for as cheap as $19, as per Forbes. The original Quenchers come in 30-ounce and 40-ounce cup sizes, and sell for $35 and $45 respectively, online.


Further, the Better Business Bureau, which is a consumer rights nonprofit, had also warned about Stanley scams. The organization urged people to search for “Stanley” on the scam tracker of its official website to learn more about such scams.

As per a Forbes report, the search yields over 35 complaints about Stanley Cup scams, many of which come from false social media ads claiming to be Stanley or retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more.