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What Was Iconic Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent's Net Worth?

Yves Saint Laurent spent two years working alongside Christian Dior.
 Yves Saint Laurent | Getty Images | Photo by John Downing
Yves Saint Laurent | Getty Images | Photo by John Downing
Name Yves Saint Laurent
Net Worth $600 Million
Gender Male
Date of Birth - Date of Death Aug 1, 1936 - Jun 1, 2008
Age 71 years 
Nationality French
Profession Fashion designer

Yves Saint Laurent was the founder of YSL and one of the most talented fashion designers of his time. He is often credited for his efforts to revive couture. Laurent is best known for making the "Le Smoking," a classic tuxedo suit for women. The designer died of brain cancer in 2008, and his net worth at the time was around $600 million.

Yves Saint-Laurent | Getty Images |  Reg Lancaster
Yves Saint-Laurent | Getty Images | Photo by Reg Lancaster

Laurent built his net worth through his iconic brand YSL, which was famous for haute couture, ready-to-wear garments, and leather accessories.

When he was 17 years old, Laurent moved to Paris and enrolled at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. It was around this time that he was introduced to the fashion giant Christian Dior. After graduating from Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, he was immediately hired by Dior. Dior was so impressed by him that he named Laurent the successor of Dior.

In 1957, Dior died of a heart attack and Laurent became the head designer of Dior at the age of 21. Laurent was instrumental in the brand's success and even saved the 1958 collection from a great financial disaster. Soon, Laurent was conscripted into the French army during the Algerian War. However, he was able to serve only 20 days before the stress got to him, leading to his admission to a hospital. There, he learned that he had been terminated from his post at Dior.


After a few years, he partnered with his boyfriend, Pierre Berge, to set up a new fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, or YSL. The label soon became one of the most renowned fashion houses in the 20th century. He is known for popularising trends like Beatnik look, safari jackets, and tight trousers. In the late '60s and early '70s, Laurent designed costumes for actresses like Catherine Deneuve. He went on to design costumes for films like "Heartbeat," "Mississippi Mermaid," and "Love to Eternity."


Laurent sold his company to French luxury goods conglomerate Gucci Group, now known as Kering, in 1999 for around $1 billion, making him one of the richest fashion designers in the world. He was involved with the creative direction of the company even after his exit.

Born on August 1, 1936, in Oran, Laurent made an early foray into the world of fashion. During his teenage years, he demonstrated a flair for design, showcasing a talent that would later define his illustrious career. The designer was openly gay and was in a relationship with the influential industrialist Pierre Berge, who also served as his business partner. The duo resided in the elegant neo-Gothic villa, Chateau Gabriel, situated in Benerville-sur-Mer, France. They also owned another exquisite property in Marrakech, Morocco. Tragically, Laurent succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 71, leaving behind a legacy that continues to influence and shape the world of haute couture.

 Yves Saint Laurent | Getty Images | 	Bettmann
Yves Saint Laurent | Getty Images | Photo by Bettmann

Is Saint Laurent owned by Louis Vuitton?

No, Saint Laurent is owned by the fashion group Kering, which also owns Gucci.

Did Dior employ YSL?

Yves Saint Laurent spent two years working alongside Christian Dior. 

When was Yves Saint Laurent fired from Dior?

Laurent served in the military for only 20 days, but the intense hazing by fellow soldiers took a toll on his well-being. He was later admitted to a military hospital, where he received the news of his termination from Dior.