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Disappointed Customer Shares Cake Decorating Fail from Walmart, Goes Viral

A social media user called out Walmart for delivering a different cake design than what she asked for.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @peychimack
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @peychimack

Cake decorating demands precision and a steady hand, given the importance of detail. However, even seasoned decorators can occasionally make errors, ranging from misspelling names to creating designs that may be different from what was requested. Instances of such disappointments often find their way onto online platforms, where disgruntled customers call out the makers. A recent post by TikTok user, Peyton Chimack (@peychimack), exemplifies this trend, showcasing two contrasting images: one depicting the anticipated cake design and the other revealing what was received from a Walmart bakery.

Cake decorators can either supersede or spoil your expectations. Image Source: Unsplash|Photo by  American Heritage Chocolate
 Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by American Heritage Chocolate

The caption read: "When I tell you my mouth dropped when I got in the car and opened up the cake. They did not write the instructions on the cake." This post not only surprised viewers but also prompted others to share similar experiences with Walmart.

Using the image carousel feature, Chimack first shared a picture showcasing the cake design she wanted. The cake featured a smooth white frosting adorned with black ribbons and the word "thirty" elegantly written in black frosting. She elaborated that she had requested the bakery to replicate this design: a small, cursive inscription placed at the center of the cake.

However, upon receiving the cake, she was taken aback by the inclusion of the entire instruction on the cake's surface, contrary to her expectations.

In response to numerous users suggesting she return to have it corrected, Chimack revealed, "I looked at it as soon as I got to my car so I walked right back in and had them redo it." 

Snapshots from the post. Image Source: TikTok|@peymichack
 Image Source: TikTok | @peychimack

Viewers were shocked at the results. @Hudakawsara commented, "LMAOO and I saw the original video of the girl who posted how to order this cake from Walmart and I instantly thought what if this would happen." @nartnhi wrote, "The same exact thing happened to my sister when she ordered me a cake from Safeway LMAO they put 27 in the middle."

"That happened to me I had it as 'not me turning 30' and they added the word 'it’s' as in it’s not me turning 30," said @kass. @Aisha Rasheeda shared, "Nooooooo. I ordered my daughter the same cake and put Sweet 16 (large letters in the center of the cake) or something like that. Let’s pray it’s right."

Screenshot of a comment under the video. Image Source: TikTok|@peychimack
 Image Source: TikTok | @peychimack

@Lex commented, "Please tell me you didn’t pay for this." @astralmelody chimed in, saying, "I need to know what goes through people’s heads while they are actively piping on what is clearly a note. Are they really just like 'yep, perfect, no concerns whatsoever'!" @andreavic28 wrote, "Literally when I worked at a store bakery I wrote an order and put write 'Happy Birthday (Sprinkles)' guess what my MANAGER wrote on the cake."

@Mal humorously stated, "LMFAO when you told me your cake video blew up, I was so confused, but this makes sense." @Ashlolo commented, "I am afraid Walmart will do this to me lmao especially the one on Dunvale."

Screenshot of a comment under the video. Image Source: TikTok|@peychimack
 Image Source: TikTok | @peychimack

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