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TikToker Stuns Netizens With His Tour of a Vintage Fridge Which Surpasses Modern Refrigerators

People were all praises with one user writing, "This refrigerator is probably better than any Samsung refrigerator ever made."
Cover Image Source: TikToker found a vintage | TikTok | dustyoldstuff
Cover Image Source: TikToker found a vintage | TikTok | dustyoldstuff

A TikTok user posted a video showing a vintage refrigerator from 1963 that comes with all the bells and whistles and seems to have way more features than any fridge of today's age. TikToker @dustyoldstuff took to the popular video-sharing platform to give viewers a tour of the fridge. The video highlights features like shelves that swivel toward you, easy-to-remove sliding drawers, and a heated temperature-controlled butter container that prevents the butter from hardening and makes it easy to spread.

TikTok |
TikTok | dustyoldstuff

The TikTok video is titled "When You Thought You Have Seen Everything," and goes on to show the rotating trays and the adjustable shelves which can be adjusted to fit either short or long containers. Most people loved the fridge and many simply wrote that they "want it!" The fridge also comes with the original receipt and the shelves can hold 1 gallon of milk, which is impressive!

Many people flocked to the video to praise how great the fridge was, "This refrigerator is probably better than any Samsung refrigerator ever made," wrote one user while another wrote, "Someone? Who doesn’t want it? $475 in the 1960s seems like $5,000 today. Roughly ."

TikTok |
TikTok | dustyoldstuff

Another user wrote, "This is genius! Why did they stop making these? They look super convenient and way more efficient" and the fourth one wrote, "And I just paid $1K+ for my basic fridge that doesn't even make ice?"

Older appliances are better than new ones in many ways even when technology is at its peak now. Another proven fact is that older appliances last longer than modern ones. It is not unusual to see the old Frigidaire refrigerator from the '70s to be used to date. You can find them in many garages that use chill drinks. 

Planned obsolescence is another reason why many modern appliances don't seem to last long. It is a theory that manufacturers deliberately downgrade the quality of the products so that products's longevity is shortened. This has the effect of forcing the consumers to purchase a new product in a shorter period. Many people have pointed out that some of today's appliances also do not have the option to repair which leaves the consumers with no other option than to buy a new one. 

TikTok | dustyoldstuff

Consumers should look for products that have good warranties. It is also important to see if a brand is promoting its quality. Reviews are also a great way to understand if the product fares well in the long run. Another great way to avoid buying appliances every few years is to buy secondhand and vintage products like these, which have stood the test of time and are far more reliable. 

A misconception that people have is that older appliances tend to be less energy efficient. That is not the case with older appliances. A major disadvantage of buying old vintage appliances is that they can be pretty expensive. Having said that if you have the budget for a top-of-the-line appliance then you might as well buy a vintage one.