Meet Bobbi Althoff, the 26-Year-Old TikTok Sensation Whose Bedroom Interview with Drake Went Viral

Meet Bobbi Althoff, the 26-Year-Old TikTok Sensation Whose Bedroom Interview with Drake Went Viral
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Curious about Bobbi Althoff? Wondering why she's interviewing Drake from a bed? On her YouTube bio, Althoff is described as a "master interviewer," boasting weeks of experience with celeb interviews. The 26-year-old recently spilled more details about herself on TODAY.

She shared, "Back in April, I had this idea to kick off a podcast." During her chat with Jenna Bush Hager and guest co-host Justin Sylvester, she revealed, "I've always embodied this dry humor character and I thought, why not take her on a podcast journey?"

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Image Source: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels
Image Source: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

On June 1, 2023, she released the first episode of her "The Really Good Podcast" on YouTube, featuring an interview with actor Rick Glassman. From that point onward, her trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. Her deadpan approach to interviews has captured the interest of countless viewers. A segment featuring her conversation with Drake has amassed an impressive nearly 30 million views.

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There's speculation that 26-year-old Bobbi Althoff's net worth is between $400,000 and $500,000, according to Legit.

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Althoff's previous TikTok account, now set to private, maintains a robust following of 1.2 million. Shifting gears, her current account, which boasts 5.3 million followers, showcases her comedic endeavors. Initial posts on this new account capture Althoff jesting about pregnancy and motherhood. While her subject matter evolved, her deadpan wit remained intact.

In one of her earliest videos, Althoff playfully claimed to possess the skin of a 23-year-old, despite being 40 due to her perpetual lack of smiles.


Beyond the usual TikTok offerings like dance and lip-sync videos, Althoff has documented her second pregnancy and the challenges of raising two daughters. To safeguard their privacy, she affectionately refers to her young girls as "Richard" and "Concrete," never revealing their faces on camera.

The interview or rather her awkward discussion with Drake took the internet by storm. Within just four weeks of the podcast snippets surfacing online, they've amassed an impressive 55 million views collectively across Althoff's YouTube, Instagram and TikTok platforms. And believe it or not, she's already secured the impressive spot of number 3 on Spotify's comedy podcast rankings.



"I received a random comment on TikTok about Funny Marco, a comedian known for his dry interview style. I shared it on my Instagram Stories, challenging Marco to help a girl make $300. Despite his massive following of 4 million compared to my 500,000, he responded instantly. I sent the girl $300 as promised and Marco appeared on my podcast," she shared.

Their video received millions of views, even catching Drake's attention, who not only liked it but also followed Althoff!

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rich Fury
Image Source: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Encouraged by this, Althoff decided to message Drake, asking him to join her podcast, and surprisingly he agreed. "He shared his tour schedule, asking me to act quickly. Within two days of the initial message, I flew to Memphis with a friend to record the episode." And that's how Bobbi got the interview with Drake!

After talking to Drake, the famous WME agency signed her up, according to Dexerto. This means that now it's much easier for Althoff to reach out to really important people and influential figures to have on her podcast. WME represents actors like Ben Affleck, Adam Sandler, and the AJR band, so who knows which cool guests might appear on "The Really Good Podcast" next!


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