'Queen of Food Porn': What Is Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth?

'Queen of Food Porn':  What Is Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth?
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Name Nigella Lawson
Net Worth $25 million
Salary $2 Million +
Gender Female
DOB January 6, 1960
Age 63 Years
Nationality Presenter, Journalist, Chef, Author
Profession United Kingdom 

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You are probably familiar with Nigella Lawson, the culinary sensation from England, and her popular cookbooks, namely "How to Eat" and "How to Be a Domestic Goddess." If you're into cooking shows, chances are you've caught her on "Nigella Bites" or "Nigella Express".  She's been a judge on cooking competitions and even has her own line of kitchenware called Living Kitchen. All these adventures have added up to a pretty impressive net worth of $25 million, per CA Knowledge.  

Famous for her flirtatious manner of presenting, Lawson has also been called the 'queen of food porn'.

Image Source:  Don Arnold/Getty Images
Image Source: Don Arnold/Getty Images

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In 2010, Nigella Lawson's earnings from her cooking show "Nigella's Kitchen" were estimated at £700,000 ($860,000). In 2012, Lawson's earnings were yummy like her meals. She had £850,000 ($982,000) coming in from her cooking show "Nigella's Kitchen." Her Living Kitchen cookware line, with all those fabulous kitchen goodies, added a whopping £7 million ($8,600,000) to her plate. And rounding up this feast of earnings, Nigella's television company, Pabulum Productions cooked up an appetizing £1.4 million ($1,700,000). It's like her talents in the kitchen extended seamlessly to her business savvy. 

Image Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Image Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

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Residing in the heart of Chelsea, London, Lawson inhabits a £5 ($6.29) million abode, sharing the space with her two children, Cosima and Bruna. Lawson's home stands on a mews, a charming lane lined with houses that were formerly stables. The celebrated TV chef has a grand home that seamlessly combines elegance with warmth. Here's a glimpse of the interior of this famed chef's London residence, as presented by Hello! Magazine. 

2023 $25 Million
2022 $23 Million
2021 $21 Million
2020 $19 Million
2019 $18 Million
2018 $17 Million


Instagram 2.9M
Facebook 2.2M
Twitter 2.7M


In 1992, Nigella Lawson married journalist John Diamond, whom she had met six years earlier during their work at the Sunday Times. They welcomed a daughter named Cosima. Tragedy struck in 1997 when Diamond was diagnosed with throat cancer and passed away in 2001.

Later, Lawson entered a tumultuous marriage with businessman Charles Saatchi. Unfortunately, this relationship was marked by Saatchi's abusive behavior, leading to their divorce in 2013.

Image Spurce: Scott McNaughton/ Getty Images
Image Source: Scott McNaughton/ Getty Images

Notably, in 2001, Lawson declined an OBE or Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II, believing her profession didn't warrant such an honor.

Lawson embarked on her career in publishing, starting under publisher Naim Attallah. At 23, she shifted to journalism, writing for The Spectator, a publication her father once edited. She began with book reviews and later became a restaurant critic in 1985. Progressing further, she took on the role of deputy literary editor at the Sunday Times. Lawson later embraced freelance writing, contributing to notable outlets like The Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, Vogue, and Gourmet, showcasing her versatility.


How much does Nigella Lawson make annually?

Nigella Lawson earns an estimated salary of $2 Million per year.

What is the height of Nigella Lawson?

Nigella Lawson is 1.70m (5’ 7”).

What is the name of Nigella Lawson’s husband?

Nigella Lawson was married to Charles Saatchi (m. 2003–2013) and John Diamond (m. 1992–2001).


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