Michael Moore's Documentaries Cover Diverse Political and Social Issues; Here's His Net Worth

Michael Moore's Documentaries Cover Diverse Political and Social Issues; Here's His Net Worth
Michael Moore attends the 6th Annual DOC NYC Visionaries Tribute at Gotham Hall/ Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Name Michael Moore
Net Worth $30 Million
Salary  $575,000
Annual Income $15 Million
Source of income Films 
DOB Apr 23, 1954 
Age  69 years old
Gender Male
Profession Director, producer, screenwriter, host
Nationality American

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The filmmaker behind documentaries such as "Fareheit 9/11" and "Planet of the Humans" critical of US foreign policy as well as climate change, Michael Moore has earned a $30 million net worth. He has also appeared as a host on satirical shows such as "TV Nation" and "The Awful Truth." It's important to note that his net worth once soared to $50 million but was substantially reduced after his divorce from his wife of over two decades in 2014. Despite this financial setback, Moore's career has been marked by a series of impactful documentaries and other successful ventures.

Michael Moore attends the closing ceremony screening of
Michael Moore attends the closing ceremony screening of "The Specials" during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival/ Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


Moore has primarily built his net worth through a series of successful, award-winning documentary films. These documentaries tackle critical issues in American society, ranging from income inequality and problems within the healthcare system to the alleged corruption of GOP elected officials.

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In addition to his work as a filmmaker and host, Moore has authored numerous best-selling books such as "Stupid White Men," that have garnered him a loyal readership and further boosted his income. His books often address the same societal and political concerns explored in his documentaries.

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In addition to his financial wealth, Michael Moore possesses a considerable real estate portfolio. Court documents from his divorce proceedings revealed that he owns at least nine different properties, including a substantial mansion in Torch Lake, Michigan, and a Manhattan condo.

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Year Earnings
2021 $17 Million
2022 $24 Million
2023 $30 Million
Social Media Followers
Instagram 950,000 Followers
Twitter 5.7 Million Followers

Michael Moore was born on April 23, 1954, just outside of Flint, Michigan. Raised by working-class parents in nearby Davison, he developed a passion for debate and drama during high school. His career began as a journalist, but it was his transition into documentary filmmaking that propelled him to international acclaim. Moore's personal life has faced its share of challenges, including a divorce from his wife, Kathleen Glynn, in 2014. 

Michael Moore has bagged two Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature. He has also won a Palm d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

 Michael Moore walks the red carpet ahead of the
Michael Moore walks the red carpet ahead of the "Fahreneit 11/9" screening during the 13th Rome Film Fest at Auditorium Parco Della Musica/ Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images


What is Michael Moore's most successful documentary?

Michael Moore's most successful documentary in terms of box office revenue is "Fahrenheit 9/11." This film set records for the highest-grossing documentary of all time, earning $230 million worldwide in theaters and an additional $3 million from DVD sales.

How did Michael Moore finance his early film, "Roger & Me"?

To fund his first documentary, "Roger & Me," Moore held neighborhood bingo nights in Flint, Michigan.

How many properties does Michael Moore own?

Based on court documents revealed during his divorce proceedings, Michael Moore owns at least nine different properties.

What is the subject of Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko"?

Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" critically examines the American healthcare system, shedding light on the challenges and issues within the healthcare industry.


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