Being 'Don Draper' Made Jon Hamm Famous Overnight Bringing Awards and Eye-watering Wealth

Being 'Don Draper' Made Jon Hamm Famous Overnight Bringing Awards and Eye-watering Wealth
Image Source: Mark Davis / Staff/ Getty

Name Jon Hamm
Net Worth $45 Million
Salary $4 Million
Monthly Income $0.3 Million
Gender Male
Height 1.85m
Profession Actor
Nationality  American

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Born and brought up in St. Louis, Missouri, Jon Hamm has been interested in acting for as long as he can remember. Hamm wanted to be an actor since his childhood and possessed a keen interest in exploring the domain professionally. He participated in many theater plays when he was in school and college before starring and debuting in "The Big Show" in 1996. After doing several movie stints, he starred in his career-altering role of Don Draper in "Mad Men" (2007), which earned him global recognition and fame. As of 2023, Ham's net worth is estimated to be around $45 million.


Hamm has primarily earned his millions by working as a prolific actor. His acting stints have brought him immense fame and success. However, the actor has also diversified his role to pursue other streams, where he has amassed his fortunes by doing several events and brand promotions.

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Image Source: 	Mark Davis / Staff/ Getty
Image Source: Mark Davis / Staff/ Getty


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Hamm's most successful career role was in a television series dubbed "Mad Men". Sources reveal how Hamm was earning a considerable $275,000 per episode for "Mad Men", which continued for nearly five seasons. Hamm earned approximately $4 million for each season, with a collective salary of $20 million for the entire series.


Business Ventures

Apart from being a prolific TV and movie actor, Hamm is also the leading face of many brand endorsements and deals, including Mercedes. Hamm has been roped in by Mercedes to sign a five-year deal worth $15–25 million. Hamm has also done commercials for leading brands such as H&R Block and American Airlines.

Hamm is known to have charmed the world through his exclusive acting skills. But the actor has also done several real estate transactions that have added a few million to his already-growing bank account. In 2013, Joh Hamm and his wife Jennifer Westfeldt purchased a 1,000-square-foot penthouse on the upper east side of Manhattan for $2.45 million. The couple later split, which compelled Hamm to renovate the house before renting it out for $15,000 a month. In 2017, Hamm again purchased a new house for $3.375 million in Los Feliz, LA.


Net Worth in 2023 $50 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $48 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $42 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $38 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $34 Million



Hamm was in a committed relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt, who was also an actress and screenwriter. The couple split in 2017 after 18 years of marriage. Hamm was also reportedly addicted to alcohol in his life and had received treatment to cure his level of alcoholism and addiction.

Image Source: 	Jason Merritt / Staff/ Getty
Image Source: Jason Merritt / Staff/ Getty

Hamm has won global recognition and fame for his role in the TV series "Mad Men". He later won a Golden Globe for best actor in a TV Series for "Mad Men", followed by two trophies for screen actor guild awards. For his role in "Mad Men", the actor also received an Emmy nomination.

Image Source: 	Mark Davis / Staff/ Getty
Image Source: Mark Davis / Staff/ Getty

What Is Jon Hamm's Debut Movie?

Hamm debuted in 1996 by starring in a show called "The Big Show."

What Did Jon Hamm Do Before Working In Movies And TV?

Jon Hamm was a teacher before becoming an actor.

Is Jon Hamm An Alcoholic?

Hamm is said to have struggled with Alcohol and has received treatment for his addiction. 


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