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What Is Hedge Fund Manager David Einhorn’s Net Worth?

David Einhorn is the author of the book "Fooling Some of the People All of the Time." 
Cover Image Source: David Einhorn | Cambridge Union
Cover Image Source: David Einhorn | Cambridge Union
Name David Einhorn
Net Worth $1 Billion
Sources of Income Hedge fund
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 20, 1968
Age 55 Years
Nationality United States of America
Profession Investor

The famous investor and hedge fund manager is the founder of Greenlight Capital which is a hedge fund that focuses on corporate debt offerings and equities in North America. It is well known for its short selling of Lehman stock before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. He was under the media spotlight in 2014 after his company's assets decreased from approximately US $12 billion in 2014 to about $5.5 billion in 2018. As of December 2023, David Einhorn's net worth is around $1 billion, per Celebrity Net Worth.


The famous investor is extremely rich and his net worth is attributed to his hedge fund. 

David Einhorn's career highlights

David Einhorn founded Greenlight Capital in May 1996 with only $900,000 in start-up capital. He became famous for delivering a speech at the Sohn Investment Research Conference where he publicly asked everyone to short a mid-cap financial company called Allied Capital. The day after the speech, the company stocks went down by 20%. Einhorn at the time alleged that the company was defrauding the Small Business Administration. He was later accused of market manipulation. After this incident, he went on to pen a book titled, "Fooling Some of the People All of the Time." 

In 2007, he shorted Lehman Brothers' stock and said that they had massive exposures to real estate investments that were not properly accounted for. He later shared his opinion on Lehman at the Value Investing Congress. The company later reported a $2.8 billion quarterly loss and Lehman later declared bankruptcy. In 2011, he announced that he had a short position in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters stock. Before he went public with his opinion on the stock, the stock prices were going up. However, in just a week, the stock prices plunged to $43.71.


In 2013, Einhorn filed a lawsuit against the tech giant in Manhattan court. He was pressurizing the company to issue dividend-paying stock as a means of distributing some of its $137 billion in cash to shareholders. The court ruled in favor of Einhorn.

Einhorn was born into a Jewish family in New Jersey. He was raised in Demarest, New Jersey, and moved to Wisconsin when he was only seven years old. He was married to Cheryl Strauss, a financial reporter and media consultant. The couple share three children but they divorced in 2017.

Einhorn is a proud Democrat and has also contributed to political campaigns in contrast to his parents who are Republican donors. He sits on the board of the Micahel J. Fox Foundation and donated his 2006 poker winnings to the foundation. He is also one of the board members of the Robin Hood Foundation and has contributed to numerous charities over the years. 


What is David Einhorn famous for?

He is best known for beating the stock market for a long time. He is also known for his value stock picks and short bets. He was also one of the few people who questioned the Lehman Brothers. 

Is David Einhorn a billionaire?

Yes, Einhorn is a billionaire, as per reports. 

Is David Einhorn a Republican?

No, he is pretty public about supporting Democrats and has also donated to the political party in the past.