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Maryland man follows grandma's wisdom, wins $150,000 in lottery

The restaurant worker had made his grandmother's advice a rule for playing lottery games.
Cover image source: Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla
Cover image source: Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla

Following grandma’s advice is always wise. This is what a Maryland man realized after he won $150,000 in lottery prizes following his grandmother’s suggestion. "My grandmother told me that not everyone can be lucky every day," the man told the Maryland Lottery. Thus, the man opted for a rather rational trick that could allow him to win big without spending much.

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Eduardo Barrios
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Eduardo Barrios

The restaurant worker told Maryland Lottery officials that he always follows his grandma’s advice given to him years ago when buying tickets. The man made her advice of not everyone being lucky every day, a rule for himself.

He told the lottery that every time he tried his luck, he only bought two tickets. If none of the tickets won, he understood that it wasn’t his lucky day and did not buy any more tickets. This allowed him to save money as he did not get into the rabbit hole of buying tickets in succession.

However, if any one of his tickets won, he took it as a signal that it may be his lucky day and he should try more. With this strategy, the man has won many big lotteries in succession. “I’ve won big twice before, but the last time was a long time ago. I wasn’t sure it would ever happen again,” the man told the officials.

Representative image | Pexels | Photo by Markus Winkler
Representative image | Pexels | Photo by Markus Winkler

This grandmother-inspired strategy worked well for the Baltimore man, as he won the $50,000 prize on one of the Mega Money tickets he bought from an EZ Quick Food Market in Pasadena. The game costs players $30 for a ticket and it has four $2 million top prizes and seven $50,000 prizes remaining, as per the official website.

The recent win took the man’s total lottery winnings over the years to a staggering $150,000, all thanks to his grandma’s suggestion.


In one of the most amazing stories of successive lottery wins, a Maryland woman won two prizes worth $25,000 and $50,000 within minutes. Victoria Sadler, who picked up a win for the $25,000 prize decided to try her luck again, shortly after collecting her prize, she told Maryland Lottery.

On her way back from the lottery headquarters, she drove to a nearby gas station and picked up a ticket for her favorite game Pick 5. The second ticket won the 59-year-old another top prize of $50,000 on the same day.

"I was so happy, I couldn't believe it," Sadler told Maryland Lottery. The win was ever so special as she had played the same digits that won her the prize before. The numbers were not ordinary as they were her grandson’s birthday numbers.

The happy grandmother quickly booked another appointment at the lottery headquarters to collect her second mega prize.

Sadler said she was going to treat herself and her family to a long-awaited Disney World trip. She added that the remainder of the money will go towards he savings and investments.

Handout photo of Mickey and Minnie Mousein front of the Disneyland Park | Getty Images Photo by Mark Ashman
Disneyland Park | Getty Images Photo by Mark Ashman

Apart from Sadler, The Royal Farms gas station that sold the winning ticket to her also received a 10% bonus of the prize, worth $500.