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Former General Motors Worker Forced to Get a Silverado, but the Car Broke Down Within 24 Hours

While working in the GM dealership she was told that she could no longer drive her Toyota 4Runner to work.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | kathryndeor
Cover Image Source: TikTok | kathryndeor

General Motors vehicles are often talked about on TikTok and not for excellent reasons. Now, a TikTok creator came forward and called out the company after claiming that the company sold her a defective car, which caused her issues for years. The former GM dealership worker Kathryn DeOrnellas (@kathryndeor) says in the video that she got a GM vehicle, a decision she immediately regretted. According to her, she was working in the GM dealership in 2022 when she was told that she could no longer drive her Toyota 4Runner to work. Instead, she was asked to drive a  Colorado or Silverado. She later chose Silverado only for the car to break down within 24 hours. 

Image Source: TikTok | kathryndeor
Image Source: TikTok | kathryndeor

"It was in the shop for the first 34 days, making it a lemon in the state of Michigan," the TikToker says. "That dealership then fired me…saying that it was BS what was happening with my truck because it was broken down at 82 miles in the first 24 hours of me owning that thing."

Now, the creator says that her car was in the repair shop for more than 325 days. She later filed a lemon lawsuit which she was able to win and secured "a full buyback with all of my money back." After this, DeOrnellas attempted to buy a preowned vehicle. This is when she found out that the dealership had declared her lemon which affected her credit and the ability to get a new car. 

"General Motors listed my vehicle on my credit as a repossession, so now I am still being screwed over by GM and GM Financial," the TikToke creator says. She then says that despite her father and herself working for GM in some capacity for years, she had been sworn off the company. She also talked about how she was unsure of what steps to take next.

"Nobody at General Motors can give me an answer," she says in the video. "

Carolyn | TikTok
Carolyn | TikTok

I’ve been told I should hire a lawyer but, like, I am kind of broke. My savings are only this big, I don’t want to hire a lawyer, but what am I supposed to do? I can’t have a repossession on my credit for seven years when that vehicle was never repossessed from me," she added.

“I am giving GM until Monday at 5 pm to answer me,” she added. “If not I will most likely hire a lawyer," she said in the video before ending it. 

Kathleen | TikTok
Kathleen | TikTok

Many took to the comment section to talk about the situation, "Dispute with credit agencies and provide the buyback paperwork and payment history," writes one user, to which the creator replied, "I will look into that!" while another user wrote, "You need to dispute that with all 3 credit agencies," to which the creator writes, "I’ve tried so far through Experian. I will write up a letter and try again with all 3."

According to Daily Dot, who got in touch with the TikTok creator, there has been no response from GM since the posting of these videos. Since the upload, the video has gotten around 65K views with around 6K likes.

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